The College Football Playoff Committee selected the four best teams in the nation in their eyes and Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Alabama will be the four teams in this year's playoff tournament. Compared to previous seasons, the committee had a relatively easy decision. The three one-loss Power 5 conferences were easy shoe-ins, and Alabama had a better resume than Ohio State. Ohio State's 31-point blowout loss to Iowa was the deciding factor, and although I can't stand Alabama, the committee made the right choice. Clemson and Alabama will have their third playoff meeting in as many years in this season's Sugar Bowl.

Oklahoma will battle Georgia in Pasadena, California for the title of Rose Bowl Champions.

Rose Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Georgia, January 1st, 2018

On New Year's Day, Baker Mayfield and the Oklahoma Sooners will face the Georgia Bulldogs in the Rose Bowl. This game is truly a game of opposites. Oklahoma is very much an offensive-minded team whereas Georgia is an old-school football team. Georgia runs the ball on offense and plays excellent defense and waits for you to make a mistake. According to NCAA's database, Georgia has the No. 3 scoring defense in the country and fourth-ranked total defense.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have Baker Mayfield's Oklahoma Sooners. Oklahoma scores 44.9 points per game.

When they played TCU the first time two weeks before the Big XII Championship, TCU was a top 5 defense in the country. After two meetings in four weeks against Baker Mayfield, the Horned Frogs dropped to No. 19 in the nation. Oklahoma does not care who is lined up on the other side of the ball. They have a dominant offensive line and playmakers outside at the skill positions who are going to give Georgia coaches headaches for the next month.

However, according to A.J. Perez of USA Today, their starting running back Rodney Anderson was accused of sexual assault yesterday. Depending on how that situation plays out, Oklahoma might be less explosive without their star running back.

Georgia's defense might be able to keep the game somewhat close early, but eventually, Mayfield is going to score.

Georgia is not a team built to come from behind as shown against Auburn three weeks ago. Oklahoma's defense is better than what they're given credit for, and they have a knack for showing up in big games. Baker Mayfield has been too hot this season to go out early so look for Oklahoma to pull away in the second half and win this game decisively.

Prediction: Oklahoma 38 - 16 Georgia

Sugar Bowl: Clemson vs Alabama, January 1st, 2018

Round 3!! Although this meeting won't be for the Championship, it will still be a playoff game. However, this is a different Alabama team than the teams in the past. Alabama has the top-ranked defense in the nation, but those numbers are always inflated playing in the SEC.

Alabama only faced one good offense all year when they played Auburn, and the Crimson Tide lost convincingly. Alabama's offense has also been inconsistent this year against ranked teams. Mississippi State nearly beat them before a late-game collapse, and LSU played them tough for three and a half quarters.

Clemson, on the other hand, is fresh off a 38-3 embarrassment of the Miami Hurricanes. Their offense has been on fire since their off day against Syracuse. Their defense, specifically their front seven, is flat out dominant. Unlike Alabama, Clemson is blowing out their opponents regardless of where they are ranked.They demolished a Miami team that was a National Championship favorite just two weeks before the game by 35 points.

Clemson is the most balanced team in the nation and the favorite to win the National Championship. Alabama is still coached by Nick Saban so they can never be counted out, especially with a month worth of preparation time. With Saban's coaching, Alabama will put together a scheme that will make this a closer contest than it should be. This game is going to be a close one and decided by a late score by Clemson.

Prediction: Clemson 31 - 28 Alabama

National Championship: Clemson vs Oklahoma

The National Championship is going to end up being a rematch of the 2015 Orange Bowl. Oklahoma gave Clemson a decent game but was ultimately overmatched by the undefeated Tigers. This year is going to be different.

Baker Mayfield is now a Senior and won't be playing in his first bowl game. Clemson is the more balanced team on paper, but as I said earlier, Oklahoma's defense is better than what it's given credit for this season. Oklahoma's defense gets scored on because of the level of talent on the offensive side of the ball in the Big XII more than their inability to play defense.

Clemson's defense is great, and they will be able to contain Mayfield better than any defense in the nation, but Oklahoma is going to put up points regardless. Dabo Swinney is a great coach and is one of the best motivators in the country so expect a great game with a lot of lead changes. A top seed has never won the championship since the new playoff format began and I expect this trend to continue with the red-hot Sooners claiming their first title since 2000.

Prediction: Clemson 41 - 48 Oklahoma