The Denver Broncos continue to have horrible play from the quarterback position and their season is lost because of it. They are now last in the AFC West and the rest of the season looks bleaker following each game. It's at the point where the defense stopped trying. Their performance against the Philadelphia Eagles and MVP candidate Carson Wentz had nothing to do with talent or ability. There was no pursuit of the ball and players on the far side of the field were consistently watching the play. Granted, lack of effort is inexcusable, especially when they are being paid millions of dollars to play a game; but the reason for it is hard not to empathize with the defense.

The offense wasn't even able to make it out of the first quarter without a turnover, and it happened to set the Eagles up in the red zone. It's hard to find a reason to play if you have virtually no chance of winning a game in just the first quarter. The Broncos need to change the starting quarterback if they want to be successful anytime soon.

Quarterbacks already on the roster

It's time for the Broncos to make a quarterback change, again. The Broncos have four quarterbacks on the roster currently. Those four quarterbacks are Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler, Paxton Lynch, and Chad Kelly. The Broncos know what they have in Trevor Siemian and Brock Osweiler. It's not good. In fact, what they have in those two quarterbacks is detrimental to the team.

Trevor Siemian is exactly what people thought he was: a mediocre seventh-round pick that will never turn into a starting caliber NFL quarterback. Brock Osweiler might be worse than him. I mean the Texans gave up a second round pick just to get him off the team. Then the Browns paid him to not be on their roster at all. The only good things you'll hear about Brock Osweiler is he's good with the media.

Since when does a good interview win a football game? Chad Kelly, otherwise known as Mr. Irrelevant, is not an option. The fact that people are even murmuring about Chad Kelly as a possible option just shows how bad the quarterbacks on the Broncos are. Chad Kelly was drafted as a favor to Elway's close friend Jim Kelly, Chad's uncle.

Kelly likely would have gone undrafted and not be on an NFL squad right now if it weren't for Elway drafting him.

Paxton Lynch is the answer

That leaves Paxton Lynch. This article is not at all saying Paxton Lynch is the long-term answer for the Broncos because I don't think he is. I think Lynch is going to flop when he is eventually named the starter. But I would much rather have that happen this season rather than the next. Lynch is a solid prospect. He's 6'7" and has a rocket for an arm. However, he was considered as a project when the Broncos drafted him which is fine if Lynch develops. Two years have passed, and he is still awful. But the biggest issue with Lynch isn't himself; it's his potential.

As long as Elway is in love with how tall and strong Lynch is, there won't be any changes to the position. That's the main reason Lynch needs to get his chance. Maybe McCoy can put together an offense that's simple, and Lynch can execute, and that'd be great if he plays well. Regardless of how Lynch performs the Broncos need to see what they have in Lynch. He's the only question mark left on the roster at the position, and it's time for the Broncos to see if he is the future of the franchise because this team cannot keep wasting seasons with this talented of a defense.