The New York Giants have had an absolutely atrocious 2017-18 campaign which raises the question: What is the fate of franchise quarterback Eli Manning? Manning, who has been the starter for the Giants since November 21, 2004, is nearing the end of his career and may find himself away from the Giants organization for the first time since being traded there from the San Diego Chargers during the 2004 NFL draft.

Though Manning is approaching 37 years of age, he still has some gas in the tank and can be a difference-maker for another NFL franchise if he doesn't return to the Giants.

Here are some options for the two-time Super Bowl champion, going from the most to least appealing opportunities.

New York Giants

This one just seems too obvious. Manning doesn't want to leave the organization. I don't think anyone would want to leave the organization that they've been a part of for 14 years. Eli is beloved among Giants fans, so it is obvious to say that it'll be tough for them and for Eli to part ways if that is what it comes to.

It seems to be more and more likely that the Giants will draft a quarterback in the upcoming draft to replace Manning, but that doesn't mean he can't return for one last hurrah with his team. History would tell you that most quarterbacks in the first round don't gain much from -- and may actually be hurt by -- riding the bench for their first years and learning from the current starter, but Manning could pass the torch the same way he gained the starting job following Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner.

Some quarterbacks do learn from following this veteran leadership, but three of the five quarterbacks drafted in the first round since 2012 who weren't starters from the first game of their NFL careers are currently backups floating around the league or have found zero success to any degree. I don't include Patrick Mahomes who was drafted in 2017 since he has yet to make any starts whatsoever.

The Giants are a classy organization and I won't let the mess that happened this year keep me from thinking this. If Eli comes back to the Giants and they draft a quarterback, expect next year to be the transition for them to have a new starter.

Denver Broncos

Could Eli possibly follow in the footsteps of his brother Peyton Manning?

Peyton, who spent his entire career with the Indianapolis Colts, eventually went to Denver to conclude his career and muster one more Super Bowl win before his retirement. If Eli wanted to go to the team with the best chance of giving him a championship, he would go to Denver. The Broncos have a top five defense in the NFL, despite what has been an off year for them, and they are one solid quarterback away from another possible Super Bowl run. If Manning goes to Denver I can guarantee he will win one more Super Bowl before the conclusion of his career. He is the leader and playmaker they need in that locker room. The Broncos have the offensive tools to give Manning, but they don't have anyone that can properly manage their offense.

New York Jets

The Jets are in dire need of a quarterback, so maybe Eli can stay in New York if he leaves the Giants. The Jets have a young defense that has shown the potential to keep them in games, but now that need is a quarterback, like the Broncos, to be able to step in and execute. The Jets may need to bolster their offensive line if they really want to intrigue a candidate such as Eli or any candidate for that matter. The Jets are a very scrappy team that, with a quarterback like Eli, will be on the cusp of being a playoff team and can possibly give Tom Brady and the New England Patriots a run for their money. We've seen Manning beat the Pats twice in Super Bowls -- how entertaining will it be for them to face-off twice a season?

Another team worth noting would be the Jacksonville Jaguars for a potential Eli/Tom Coughlin reunion since they were together for Manning's two Super Bowl wins, but I don't see this as a likely possibility with Blake Bortles under center. Bortles obviously isn't an elite quarterback in the league, but he can win you games, and, behind that defense, the Jaguars are a very dangerous team.

Finally, a job in commentating would be the only other option for Eli unless he ends up on his couch come next year. Tony Romo, Rich Gannon, and Troy Aikman are all former quarterbacks who wanted to stick around the game that commentate now and Jay Cutler was nearly that as well until he returned to the NFL to play for the Miami Dolphins.

I don't think Manning will give up playing football just yet to go to the booth, but if he doesn't find a home come next season, this will most likely be his course of action.

We'll find out in time the decision that Eli wants to make moving forward, but he definitely has many options going into the 2018-19 NFL season.