With one big game away from his tenth 1,000-yard rushing season, we may be seeing the last game for running back Frank Gore. With his career coming to an end as soon as this off-season, many have started questioning whether the five-time Pro Bowler deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame. Despite much debate on this issue, I think there is a very simple answer to this.


Why is this a question at all? Gore has been as consistent and dependable as they come in the NFL, not missing a game since 2010. Do you need me to repeat that for you? Frank Gore has not missed a single game since 2010.

That's absolutely unheard of for a running back in the NFL, but Gore has powered through his highly accomplished career. You know what they say: the greatest ability is availability, and that's one ability that has been prevalent in Gore's career. His durability is also responsible for the achievements that he's earned since entering the NFL.

Gore has moved up the all-time rushing list, climbing up to number five in the 2017 season and, if he decides to return for another season, can move up to number 3. Looking at the list, each of the top ten rushers, not including Gore obviously, have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, so it seems like a no-brainer for Gore to be given his dues. If we look even further down the list, every back down to number 15 has made it to the Hall of Fame besides Adrian Peterson, who is still actively playing, and Edgerrin James, who is a semifinalist this year and was a finalist to go to Canton last year.

The only thing that people really have against Gore is that he was never spectacular. He was just consistent throughout his career and was never as explosive or dynamic as players like Eric Dickerson or Marshall Faulk, which I kind of understand. If you asked me if I'd rather take Dickerson, Faulk, or Gore on my roster, Gore would likely be my last of those options, but I don't think that it should go against Gore when he is eligible for the Hall of Fame.

He was a reliable workhorse through his career which shouldn't be overlooked.

Gore's future

It remains unknown if Gore will return to the NFL in 2018, but if he does come back, the veteran should have a lot of options. Gore's contract with the Colts will expire this off-season which will make him an unrestricted free agent, and I believe there will be some teams interested in bringing him in.

He might only be a one or two season rental, but a team like the New York Giants or Seattle Seahawks with playoff aspirations could swoop him up. If Gore were to come back, I'd imagine he wants a chance to win a Super Bowl.

The Colts would still be on the table with Andrew Luck hopefully returning next season, but it seems that they are trying to start fresh with their young running back corps primarily led by Marlon Mack. Gore would more likely thrive in a Luck led backfield since their offense would be more dynamic and open up the run.

It might be months until we find out Gore's choice, but even if he were to retire today, Gore deserves to be a Hall Of Famer.