The Eagles have announced that they signed Wide Receiver Alshon Jeffery to a four-year extension. The deal is reportedly worth $52 million. $27 million of that deal is guaranteed, and each year Jeffery can earn up to $1 million in incentives.

The Philadelphia Eagles have been soaring high in 2017. They are off to an impressive, and surprising, 10-1 start to their season. This start can be chalked up to the rapid development of Carson Wentz. In year two, he has 28 touchdown passes, almost double his total from last year, seven of those have gone to Jeffery.

Alshon's first year in Philly has left quite the impression. In 11 games Jeffery already has outperformed his last two seasons in Chicago. He's got 618 receiving yards and seven touchdowns, five of which have come in the last four weeks. Jeffery is becoming Wentz's favorite target, and the Eagles decided to lock him up for the foreseeable future.

Why this move makes sense

Jeffery, despite being a six-year veteran is still only 27 years old. The Eagles aren't overpaying someone who is going to slow down in the near future.

If anything, Jeffery is in the midst of his prime.

The Eagles are getting a quality number one receiver at a reasonable price.

In 2017 Jeffery is 30th in the league in receiving yards, tied for fifth in the league in receiving touchdowns all while averaging a respectable 14.4 yards per reception.

Also, keep in mind this is just Carson Wentz's second year in the league.

You don't want to be taking away the 25-year-old's favorite targets.

This is a move that shows the Eagles aren't just concerned with winning this year but are trying to build a respectable receiving core, something that they've lacked in recent years.

Why Jeffery gets a raise

In addition to some stability with his four-year deal, Jeffery is also getting a significant bump in salary.

This year, on his one year contract, Jeffery is getting $9.5 million. Over the next four years, he'll average $13 million a year.

The reason for the bump in pay is because of where Jeffery is in his career. At age 27 this is the last chance for him to make a big contract. He didn't get one after his age 26 season because he was coming off an injury.

Now, after proving himself as a WR1, he gets the deal. His contract is comparable to Ty Hilton's, Dez Bryant's, Doug Baldwin's and Keenan Allen's. All of those guys, including Jeffery, are solid receivers, just not in the elite category like AJ Green, Odell Beckham Jr, and Antonio Brown. Their contracts reflect that, and the money the Eagles elected to give Jeffery seems fair based on the market.

Fans reaction

To no surprise, Eagles fans seem pretty happy with this move. Who can blame them? Their team is 10-1 on their way to clinching home-field advantage and the clear favorite in the NFC. Carson Wentz, Alshon Jeffery, Nelson Agholor and Zach Ertz are all signed through 2020. Get ready to hear a lot more of the "Fly Eagles Fly" chant.