Victor Arviddson is becoming a star for the Nashville Predators. After a lackluster rookie year in 2015-2016, Arviddson came out of nowhere in 2016-2017 and put up an impressive 61 point (31 goals, 30 assists) season.

He was a major key to the Predators playoff run last year, putting up 13 points (3 goals, 10 assists) including an overtime game-winner in the San Jose Sharks series.

So far this year Arvidsson is picking up right where he left off in 2016-2017. In 25 games this year he has 17 points (9 goals, 8 assists) a pace of 56 points over a full 82 game season.

Tonight, Arvidsson had a huge impact on two people's lives off the ice.

The proposal

It seemed like just any other game for the Nashville Predators. They were ready to take the ice, players were walking out, but something strange happened.

Check out this video:

I'm not even sure where, to begin with, this one. Viktor Arvidson is walking down the tunnel high fiving fans as per usual but then he stops to take off his glove.

Arvidson walks right over to this couple and displays the ring proudly.

The girl in the couple looks beyond confused looking back and forth between Arvidsson and her significant other who then drops to one knee to ask the biggest question of his life.

Once the girl realizes what's happening she begins to freak out, and of course, says yes. Sneakily, the best part of the video was P.K.

Subban walking by saying "oh yeah, oh yeah."

Original ideas are good ideas

My question is how did this guy come up with this idea? Everyone and their brother has thought of the cliche marriage proposal on the scoreboard, but this is above and beyond. How does one go about giving an engagement ring to a hockey player? Why did this man want Victor Arvidsson to do it in particular out of all the guys on the team?

How does Arvidsson know who to go up to? What if the girlfriend said no? What if Arvidsson lost the ring in his equipment? I have so many questions!

Luckily, none of those things happened and it was a picture-perfect proposal.

But seriously, this idea worked out perfectly in this scenario. He was able to surprise his girlfriend because there's no way she was expecting an NHL player to present her boyfriend with an engagement ring. Plus, he was shouted out by a twitter account, the Nashville Predators, that has over 500 thousand followers. His good deed was noticed by at least half a million people, based on just follower count. By the time this thing goes viral on the web he'll be an internet star.