The Dallas Cowboys are officially finished. Despite having five games to play in the Regular Season, you may as well stick a fork in them like a Turkey on Thanksgiving and get ready to serve them.

The Cowboys have looked horrible in the past three games. So bad so, even without star running back Ezekiel Elliott, who is finishing up serving his six-game suspension for a personal conduct violation, Dak Prescott has thrown eight interceptions -- yes, eight -- in those three games.

The offense could only muster one offensive touchdown. That game came against the Atlanta Falcons three games away when Prescott scored on a rushing touchdown.

Since that time, the Cowboys have had two games, where all they could score is five Mike Nugent field goals.

The Cowboys have lost all three games without Elliott. And it's looking like Elliott is the real force on the Cowboys, because his absence is deafening.

Their opponents have outscored the Cowboys 92-22 in their three-game losing streak. You can say that the defenses are forcing Prescott into positions that he wasn't in previously. In the second half of these games, the Cowboys have been outscored 67-6.

Prescott hasn't had a 200-yardage passing game since Elliott went out. He had 179 passing yards against the Los Angeles Chargers on Thanksgiving, which was the most since Elliott accepted his suspension.

Prescott's last 200-yardage game came in Elliott's final game before the suspension when he had 249 yards, along with two touchdowns, against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Cowboys just have to hang in there until Elliott gets back. But it's already too late, as they're just playing out the rest of the season. It's a lost cause.

Dallas was a 13-3 team last season and made it to the playoffs. Without Elliott, who is not eligible to come back until Christmas Eve, they're going to be watching the playoffs at home.

As the Cowboys are learning this season, you can go to best in their division to worst in just a year. Dallas has learned that when the NFL or injuries takes away some of your biggest stars, your season scrumbles.

In these games -- and as they will be over the course of the next three games -- the Cowboys are going to be outperformed and overmatched. Dallas has looked helpless in their past two home games, both Primetime games, which likely doesn't sit well with owner Jerry Jones, who has already said he will not make a coaching change.

So that means the roster will be in question moving forward as they look to rebuild in 2018 from a disastrous 2017 season.