There's a few things that the national media won't show you on television. One of those occurred on Sunday at New Era Field, as a frustrated fan stormed the field naked. In a game where the Bills allowed a whopping six rushing touchdowns, fans rained down boos upon their 5-4 team. It was reasonable, given how poorly the Bills defense and offense played. There's one thing that the fans could cheer for, and that was the craziness of a fellow Bills Mafia member.

Taking the field

Several fans at New Era Field captured the moment where a fan ran onto the field.

Below is a video of the man and security chasing him.

That's a front row seat, and it's something that Fox certainly wouldn't show to its viewers. Eventually security was able to tackle the man who stormed the field more effectively than the Buffalo Bills tackled Saints running backs for the whole day.

The fans who actually stayed to watch the Bills (plenty of empty seats during the blowout) did get to see this particular event. Even down a huge number of points, Bills fans are willing to get rowdy and loud for their team. Prior to the game, there were plenty of shenanigans in the parking lot as well.

Bills Mafia still Representing

If you've ever tailgated at New Era Field before, you know that there are plenty of stunts involving tables on Sundays. November 12th was no different, and some Bills Mafia members were at it again.

They're not on fire, but it's certainly entertaining to watch.

Here's another one prior to the game, that is pretty much a reverse representation of everything that happened against the Saints.

And even during the game, opposing players needed to look out for the rowdy Bills fans, who make New Era Field a tough place to play for every home game.

As evidenced by the above, Bills fans are still wild, even when they are down and losing.

Looking Ahead

Even though the Bills lost in a blowout on Sunday, they still have a shot to make the playoffs at 5-4, so fans still have something to root for. The last two games against the Jets and Saints have not been competitive though, so Sean McDermott will have to figure a few things out prior to next week's road game against the Chargers if the Bills really are going to make a playoff push.

One of things might be quarterback Tyrod Taylor, who passed for less than 100 yards against the Saints and didn't even try to stretch the ball downfield. Nathan Peterman came into the game late, and we could certainly be seeing more of him if the Bills' poor play continues.