The Cleveland Cavaliers are still searching for the right trade despite their resurgence these past couple of weeks. One popular trade rumor out there is the potential swap involving Cavs’ big Tristan Thompson and Los Angeles Clippers’ All-NBA center DeAndre Jordan. The Clippers’ shaky start (8-11) apparently triggered speculations that the Clippers are now willing to shop their elite frontcourt player in exchange for valuable assets.

Griffin doesn’t like Thompson for Jordan trade for Cavs

Ex-Cavs general manager David Griffin had a chance to give his opinion on the topic during his appearance on NBA TV’s NBA Gametime last weekend.

Griffin, who is credited for building the Cavs’ championship-winning roster in 2016, believed Cleveland stands to lose a lot if they pursue the option of trading Thompson for Jordan.

The former Cavs executive stressed that Thompson’s ability to protect the rim and cover guards out in the perimeter makes him far more valuable than Jordan. He also added that Thompson’s cheaper contract ($17M per year) compared to Jordan’ $24 million salary for 2018-19 NBA season (player’s option) is another reason why the Cavs should avoid this deal.

Hot take: Keep in mind that Griffin was the one who signed Thompson to a five-year, $85 million contract extension in 2015, so it’s not surprising to see him defending the Cavs bigman’s value.

However, he has a point with regards to Thompson’s skills-set. While Jordan is a shot-blocking beast in the interior, he isn’t as mobile as Thompson when it comes to guarding perimeter players.

In the end, the likelihood of Thompson-Jordan swap from happening is very remote. Despite the rumors, the Clippers have not made any attempts to discuss a deal involving Jordan.

The Cavs are also taking a wait-and-see approach with still three months left on the trading window. They are still hoping that a better target surfaces on the trading front at some point between now and mid-February.

Marc Gasol trade rumors

A day after All-Star center Marc Gasol expressed his discontent with the coaching staff, the Memphis Grizzlies announced on Monday that they have relieved David Fizdale from his head coaching job.

However, the Grizz’s decision to fire their head coach one-and-half month into the season did not stop the avalanche of rumors concerning the future of their big man.

According to Forbes Insider Mitch Lawrence, Gasol is now officially on the trade watch and two Eastern Conference playoff contenders are poised to make a run at the versatile big.

The Cavs, as expected, are viewed as potential suitors. They could use Thompson, expiring contracts or even the Brooklyn Nets first-round pick in 2018 as trade baits to get Gasol. Another team that might pull off a surprise deal is the Toronto Raptors. The Raps are still a good squad, but lack another piece to topple the Cavs or the Celtics in the East. Toronto GM Masai Ujiri has the assets to entice the Grizzlies, including young big man Jonas Valanciunas ($17M per year).