The New England Patriots have one of the most successful franchises in NFL history and their fan base expects nothing but the best. Recently, a viral video from on YouTube posted a satire video that looks at some of the things that Patriots fans say about their beloved franchise during the bye week. Here is a look at the viral video and then a discussion of some of the funny quips from the Patriots video for clarification for fans outside of the New England fan base.

Stephon Gilmore

The first gag concerns Stephon Gilmore, the New England Patriots star defensive superstar.

New England opened the season with a 2-2 record and a lot of the problems were defensive based. The biggest culprit was none other than Gilmore. As CBS pointed out at that point, Gilmore was committing ridiculous penalties at inopportune times. As the hosts of this viral video pointed out, "what is wrong with Stephon Gilmore?" No one knows.

However, one fan quipped that Gilmore plays like he is still a member of the Buffalo Bills, one of the Patriots' main rivals. Another commented that Gilmore should take his time coming back - "like his entire contract."

Secondary problems

Stephon Gilmore isn't the only problem on the New England Patriots defense. The entire secondary has given Patriots' fans heart attacks all season long.

One fan in the viral video claimed to be on medication due to the secondary. After the opening season loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, where the Patriots defense gave up 537 yards of total offense, one man quipped that it felt like he spent the night at Kevin Spacey's in a slightly off-color joke.

Of course, an even darker joke came at the expense of the tight end Dwayne Allen.

As one fan said, he has as many catches on the season as Aaron Hernandez, the late Patriots tight end who died in prison.

There are good things about the Patriots

However, winning cures all ills. With four wins in a row, it is easy to see the positives on the New England Patriots team - including the improved defense.

As one man says, "Trey Flowers is Trey-mendous." and then they decide the defense "doesn't suck after all."

The Garroppollo trade

The Jimmy Garroppollo trade also took New England Patriots fans by surprise. One fan quipped that it looks like the 40-year-old Tom Brady is the "quarterback of the future" and another mentioned that losing Garoppollo and Julian Edelman is a "huge hit to the handsome factor." They did admit that they were able to get rid of Brian Hoyer and were thankful for not getting Tim Tebow.

Expectations for the Patriots season

Back-to-back scenes in this video showed how New England Patriots fans can see the best - and the worst - in their team's season. As one man says this season, 6-2 isn't that bad of a record at this point.

Then, immediately in what has to be a flashback, 17-0 is what they expected. The good news is that the Patriots are still in control of their own destiny. As one fan said, "only Pats fans can be disappointed with 6-2 at the bye."

Of course, as this New England Patriots viral video comes out during the bye week, the fans admit that Patriots bye weeks are often more entertaining than most team's game weeks. It's great to be a Patriots fan.