The Cleveland Cavaliers are a Team that is not used to the feeling of defeat, or not much of it. After advancing to the NBA Finals in the last three seasons, they are very used to the feeling of success so any slip-ups are worthy of being addressed. It’s odd to see the Cavaliers pop up in the standings at 10th place, but that’s the reality after a poor 3-4 start to the season. The Cavaliers have fallen short to teams including the Orlando Magic, Brooklyn Nets, New Orleans Pelicans and the New York Knicks, losing their last three games and four overall this season.

The main problem is that all these teams were non-playoff teams last season, and are considered to be ‘below-average’ opponents. In one of the easiest scheduled stretches of the season, the Cavs have performed terribly.

It is no surprise, but the Cleveland Cavaliers have been talked about a lot in the media in recent days, and it has been centred around their poor play. With many new players, and the loss of some veterans and one Kyrie Irving, the Cavs are very much a different team this season than they were last season or even in the last three seasons. It will take time for the chemistry to click, especially with some injuries holding the team back, so the scrutiny may be unjustified. But the Cavs still made sure not to ignore it and spoke up about the situation.

The Cavs could turn it around

After this team-Meeting, the Cleveland Cavaliers could turn their losses into wins. The talent is clearly in their favor. The only thing lacking is the production both offensively and defensively, and that comes with chemistry. This meeting and their recent Halloween party could heighten the Cavs off the court chemistry which will, in turn, help their performance on the court.

All successful teams have had good locker room chemistry which helps to gell well as a unit on the court. This Cleveland squad is striving to do the same.

Coach Lue made sure to check on each and every one of his players and make sure everything was okay before focusing on game film, and pinpointing the finer details of the reason for their recent struggles.

They also made sure to stress focus on getting in better game shape, so other teams do not out-run them or bring the force more than them. Fitness is key, and the Cavs will keep that in mind.

LeBron was reportedly “very vocal”

As the main player leader in the Cleveland Cavaliers, it is no surprise that LeBron James was reported to be “very vocal” and serious during the Cavaliers’ talk. After his fun and thrilling Halloween event, he turned his attention to basketball once again the very next day. He is attempting to make sure his teammates are ready to go to battle.

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ next game will be on Wednesday night against the Indiana Pacers. Seemingly another below average team, the Cavs should be able to win.

But we will see how effective this team meeting was, and see if they are ready for battle during their first game of November. It’s not October anymore, so maybe further losses will really start to worry King James.