AS Roma went up against Chelsea recently, and it was an easy 3-0 victory that highlights many of the problems the English side is facing, SB Nation reports. There is something fundamentally wrong with Chelsea’s defense, and Alvaro Morata is failing miserably to put away his chances.

Defeating AS Roma was always going to be tough, but it would seem that the Chelsea team gave up in the second half and ultimately accepted the fate they were handed. It was quite disappointing, especially when we consider the fact that both Teams drew 3-3 in the previous match.

It’s time for Conte to make significant changes

The first goal from Roma was a screamer, and there was nothing the team could have done to avoid it. However, both the second and third goals were defensive mistakes. In fact, most of the problems Chelsea faced against Roma were based on defensive mistakes.

The most significant problem in defense is Gary Cahill. The player has been giving away the ball quite frequently since the beginning of the English Premier League season, and he has brought this disastrous style of play to the Champions League.

It’s time for Conte to remove Cahill and allow a younger player with more drive to take up the mantle.

What about the midfield?

The entire lineup against Roma was a problem for sure, so let’s look at the midfield issues that cost Chelsea the game.

First up, the team played with three midfielders and a single defender in the midfield position. That’s not a problem, but it becomes one when the midfielders are not playing to their potential. Both Cesc Fabregas and Bakayoko are disappointing, especially Fabregas.

Fabregas has given the ball away several times due to unfortunate passing, and he’s not good enough to regain the ball.

Bakayoko doesn’t have the stamina to keep going for 90 minutes, and he also doesn’t hold up well in terms of retrieving the ball in the area.

The suggestion here is for the removal of both Fabregas and Bakayoko in favor of Kante and Danny Drinkwater. These two men worked well together when they played for Leicester City, and they even went on to win the title.

Having them together again is a boon for Conte, and it’s time for him to make use of this quality duo.

Let’s look at the strikers

Going up to the front, Chelsea chose to incorporate Hazard, Morata, and Pedro. Now then, one would say that’s a quality lineup at the front, but such isn’t the case. The primary issue Chelsea is facing at the front has much to do with Morata. He’s not a quality striker, at least, not yet.

He has missed several chances in many of his previous games, and he has done the same against AS Roma. For this reason, Antonio Conte needs to take a considerable risk by replacing Morata with Michy Batshuayi against Manchester United.

He needs to take a chance and see how it turns out, and who knows? Chelsea might return to winning ways.