Chicago Bears tight end Zach Miller has come out of Emergency Surgery at University Medical Center New Orleans after getting a damaged popliteal artery repaired. Miller suffered a Dislocated Knee injury in yesterday's game against the Saints and was carted off the field. It was revealed that the injury was life-threatening after the knee dislocation tore through arteries around it. Miller could have lost his leg without the surgery and it is reported that the surgery was a success.

The Bears have announced in an official statement that he remains at UMC until further notice.

He will continue to be evaluated and watched over by the UMC medical staff and team officials. Miller is getting many well-wishes from various fans, writers, and players on social media as everyone is recognizing how serious it is.

Surgery and evaluation

The emergency surgery that Miller went through at UMC took place sometime early Monday morning. Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter were two of the first to report it. Yesterday the injury looked really bad, and head coach John Fox was the first to officially report the knee dislocation. The question of being season-ending was solved unfortunately this morning with the news of the artery rupture.

For Miller, this could very well be career-ending considering the severity and his age. The important thing right now is that he keeps his leg stable and heals properly.

According to Mortensen, MRIs have been done to reassure proper blood flow in Miller's left leg. There is no telling how long he will be hospitalized, but the Bears will keep everyone updated on his status throughout his healing process.


Social media users have shown great support for Miller as have his teammates talking the press. Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long talked to the Chicago Tribune's Colleen Kane about the situation, saying, "It's brutal, gruesome - We lost a really good guy today." In yesterday's press conference, Fox said that the team's "thoughts and prayers" were with him as he was the one of the first to know how serious the injury was.

Twitter was the biggest platform other people took to in wishing Miller the best. Both teammates and players from other teams tweeted out their support, as everyone knew this injury was much bigger than football. Zach Miller is a family man with a wife and kids and many thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family during his recovery.