Prior to the start of the NFL season, most NFL fans and even some Buffalo Bills fans believed that 2017 would be a rebuilding year. Instead, the Bills are 3-2 and sit in first place in a very tight Afc East, in serious contention for a playoff spot. So far, Buffalo has compiled wins over the Jets, the Broncos, and the Falcons, whom Buffalo defeated as almost ten point underdogs on the road. Last week, they lost a close one on the road to the Cincinnati Bengals, but they had plenty of chances to win. In week 6, the Bills do not play, but plenty of games will affect their playoff prospects.

Let's take a look at who Bills fans should be rooting for in week 6.

New York Jets over New England Patriots

The Jets were widely considered one of the worst teams in football prior to the start of the season, but are now 3-2, like the Patriots. If the Bills want a real shot to win the AFC East, a New York Jets win over a Patriots team that has looked vulnerable all season would be huge.

Kansas City Chiefs over Pittsburgh Steelers

At 5-0, the Chiefs appear to be in control of their own destiny and will likely win the AFC West. Therefore, it would be best for Kansas City to defeat the Steelers at home, knocking down their record to 3-3 for the year.

Chicago Bears over Baltimore Ravens and LA Rams over Jacksonville Jaguars

Every time a NFC team plays an AFC team, it is in the best interest of Bills fans to root for the NFC team. In this case, Bills fans will need to root for two underdogs and hope they can take down the Ravens and Jaguars on Sunday.

Atlanta Falcons over Miami Dolphins

At 2-2 in the AFC East, the Dolphins are still in the middle of things. That could change with a loss to a really good Falcons team coming off a bye week. An Atlanta Falcons win would also improve the Bills' strength of schedule, something that could become a factor later on in the season.

Cleveland Browns over Houston Texans

The Browns aren't going to make the playoffs, so any surprise win that they get over a team like the Houston Texans, who could contend for a playoff spot, helps.

LA Chargers over Oakland Raiders

The Raiders and the Chargers are both below .500, but the Chargers only have one win. It would help Buffalo if the Raiders slipped to 2-4 on the year, as it would be less likely that Derek Carr could still lead Oakland to a wild card spot.

New York Giants over Denver Broncos

Without Odell and Brandon Marshall, this one is a long shot, but the Bills and Broncos would both have the same record if Denver did lose. That head to head victory over Denver could become crucial as the Bills battle for a playoff spot down the stretch.

Tennessee Titans over Indianapolis Colts

It's in the Bills best interest to have the Colts lose as many games as possible before Andrew Luck gets back. When he does come back, it will be time to take the Colts seriously. For now, a Titans road victory over them helps Buffalo.

Current AFC Playoff Slots:

1. Kansas City Chiefs (5-0), First in AFC West

2. Buffalo Bills (3-2), First in AFC East

3. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-2), First in AFC South

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2), First in AFC North

5. Denver Broncos (3-1), First wildcard slot

6. New York Jets (3-2), Second wildcard slot

7. Baltimore Ravens (3-2)

8. New England Patriots (3-2)

Those are the current playoff standings in the AFC, which will obviously change after Sunday's games are finished. Bills fans, let's hope that the above results actually happen so that Buffalo is primed for a playoff push once they come back from a bye week.