In about two years’ time, Klay Thompson will enter free-agency. Of course, the warriors will want to keep him, but since they will not be able to pay him the max contract he is worth, that may open the door for another team – one that can pay him max money – to snatch him away from them.

That is unless he decides to take a pay-cut. According to ZeeGee Cecilio, he admitted that was a possibility during an interview with Marcus Thompson and Tim Kawakami on their podcast. Klay Thompson’s direct answer to the question was not definitive. But it seems to be a near certainty that he will take less money to keep the Warriors’ core together. Below are three reasons why.

Klay Thompson wants to win

Signing a max contract is tempting, and so is being “the man” on a team. Klay Thompson may have the opportunity for both once he enters free agency. But as he has consistently shown, what he really cares about is winning. Few players of his skill would be willing to be the third (sometimes the fourth) offensive option on their team. But he seems perfectly fine with it.

He proved as much (again) last year during the playoffs. Even though his offensive contribution was diminished, he was still playing great defense. If Thompson’s main interest really is in winning – much more so than other factors – why would he willingly choose to leave the Warriors? Of course, he could choose to leave them if they offer him a contract that is nowhere near what he is worth, which brings us to the second point.

The Warriors will give him the best deal they can

Klay Thompson is an elite offensive player who can guard the other team’s best backcourt player every night. The Warriors know how valuable he is – and so does the rest of the league. Joe Lacob will move heavens and earth to give him the best contract he can while still abiding by the rules.

After all, that’s what he did for Iguodala.

His bond with the team

As anyone who has played organized team sports knows, a family-like bond often forms between players on the same team. This bond only grows stronger over time, and with the team developing a winning culture.

Klay Thompson has been with the Warriors since they drafted him in 2011.

He likely has a strong bond with his teammates, and with the organization as a whole. With the Warriors becoming the best team in the league, winning two NBA titles, and having the chance to win many, many more, it is difficult to imagine why Klay Thompson would not want to stay, even if it costs him “a little” money.

Of course, a lot can happen between now and 2019. But barring a near miracle, it seems to be a foregone conclusion that Klay Thompson will take a pay cut to keep the Warriors' core together.