Dwight Howard's big game led the Hornets to their victory against the Hawks. In the first half of the game, the Hornets trailed by as many as 20 points. It wasn't until the third quarter when they took a 24-0 run to blow the game open. In an interview with the CBS Sports, Dwight Howard couldn't suppress a wide smile when asked regarding his performance. He said that he just wanted to go out there and dominate, and that has to be his mentality every game. He added that the game against the Hawks was something special and he was glad they stepped up in the second half and got a good win.

Walker from the Hornets said that Howard was extremely dominant throughout the game and it was a good feeling for them to have him. He was glad he was playing well and hopefully, he could continue to dominate the games because they will really need it all year round. Meanwhile, the coach of the Hawks Mike Budenholzer said that his team probably missed some open shots. On some plays, their execution was good but he knows they have a lot more to improve. The Hornets performed with a total of 43.0 percent field goals, 30.6 percent in the 3 point range and 80.0 percent free throws against the Hawks with 37.9 percent total field goals, 23.3 percent 3 point shots and 85.7 percent free throws.

Walker, Howard, Kaminsky led Hornets to victory

Kemba Walker was the Hornet's top scorer collecting 26 points, four rebounds, nine assists, and four turnovers across 38 minutes. Frank Kaminsky trailed behind with a score of 21 points, six rebounds, three assists, and two turnovers in 33 minutes. Likewise, Dwight Howard scored 20 points, 15 rebounds, and six turnovers across 33 minutes.

One year after signing a three-year $71 million contract to Hornets, Howard who once played for his hometown Hawks was unstoppable on the block. The Hawks had no one to guard the eight-time All-Star who used his strength to pick shots close to the basket. Meanwhile, Due to Nicolas Batum's (elbow) absence, Walker was tasked with handling the ball more and run pick-and-rolls with his new center, Howard.

Schroder shows another quality performance

Despite the loss against the Hornets, Dennis Schroder showed a quality performance by posting 25 points, three rebounds, five assists and three turnovers across 31 minutes. Following him was Taurean Waller-Prince who scored 15 points, six rebounds, two assists and two turnovers alongside Kent Bazemore who tallied 11 points, one rebound, two assists and one turnover. In his last two games, Schroder has taken 47 shots with 12 assists and continually show that he is the engine of the Hawk's offense. If he continues to remain efficient, he will establish himself as one the point guards to watch out for.