Jennifer Lawrence may have the last laugh after a video of the actress pole dancing surfaced earlier this year. Earlier this month, pole dancing, along with poker and foosball were given observer status by the Global Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF), putting them on track to becoming Olympic sports. Observer status is just the first step towards becoming an Olympic event, but

Other non-traditional sports to be included

Other games that could be featured in the Olympics include match poker, which is defined as a team sport that will not include gambling or random drawing of cards, which is what sets it apart from the traditional game.

According to the GAISF, Foosball, or table soccer, is another unusual game listed as a team sport that promotes social skills and is a non-discriminatory activity.

What International Pole Sports Federation says

On the GAISF website, pole dancing is referred to as 'Pole Sports' and is described as, a port that combines dance and acrobatics on a vertical pole. The site also explains that pole sports involve a lot of physical and mental abilities, as well as muscle strength, so the athletes can lift and spin on the pole. Athletes are required to be incredibly flexible, so they can contort themselves in various poses on the poles. The International Pole Sports Federation even requires drug testing for their events, to ensure athletes are not abusing performance-enhancing drugs.

Observer status is just the first step towards becoming an Olympic event, but IPSF president, Katie Coates, said the recognition of pole dancing as a sport was 'historical,' and according to, Coates has been advocating for pole dancing to be an Olympic Sport for over 20 years, which is why this is a huge victory for her and everyone else involved.

Coates released a statement on the pole sports website regarding the federation's recent status that took them eight years to earn. She states that she is 'thankful' to both the GAISF and IPSF for the advancements towards becoming an official Olympic sport.

Thankfully, clothes are required in pole sports; athletes wear costumes similar to those seen in dance competitions or gymnastics meets, and they perform a choreographed routine using two poles.

Pole sports has yet to receive recognition from the International Olympic Committee, but Coates is happy to take on the challenge.