Kudos to 76ers Coach Brett Brown. He's doing something right. With an NBA coaching record of 75-228 in the last four years, he still has his job. The reason why is because during “the process,” he really has done a nice job with limited talent (and that’s being kind) on the Philly roster. His offensive system encourages fluidity and ball movement—and now, he can finally plug in better players. Everyone knows the title contenders, but the 76ers are unknown, and many NBA fans will keep at least one eye on what’s happening with this young, injury-prone core with eye-popping talent.

Ben Simmons is the real deal

Lost in all the Lonzo Ball hype is that Ben Simmons is the most talented first-year player in the NBA. The last time we saw Simmons, he was hating on college at LSU and talking about everything that was wrong with college basketball and the one and done (he wasn't wrong). Yes, he was on the 76ers’ roster last year—but for all intensive purpose (and NBA standards), he’s a rookie. The one knock on Simmons is his broken jump shot, but he has an NBA body and elite passing skills that make him a high-powered force coming down on a fast break. His game alone makes Philly’s early season prospects one of the most intriguing in the league.

What can the Sixers expect from Joel Embiid?

Joel Embiid has the potential to be either the next Hakeem Olajuwon or Greg Oden. He's played 31 games in three years, but every time he's stepped on the court—the dude has been electric. The guy has superior post moves, touch, and the best big guy personality since Shaq. He just needs the basketball gods to keep him healthy.

If he plays 60+ games, Philly has a chance for the playoffs.

The Sixers just signed Embiid to a 5-year/$148 million contract—however, the numbers aren't quite what they seem. Basically, if Embiid plays—he gets paid. But if the back and foot injuries that have embattled the first three years of his career don’t allow him on the court—then he’ll get less.

It’s a bit more complicated than that, but for Sixers fans who fear that an injured Embiid will eat up their salary cap for years to come—that’s not the case. It’ll just be a terribly disappointing outcome.

Who are the other new faces on the Sixers' roster?

Overall #1 pick Markelle Fultz adds even more young talent to the 76ers' roster. He's a supremely athletic 6'4'' guard who can play both point and off-the-ball. His game should be a good fit in a Ben Simmons-led offense, but he's had a bit of an uneven start to his pro career. A shoulder injury has forced him to alter his shooting form. It must have occurred sometime between summer league and the start of camp, but it's caused enough concern that the Sixers have held him out of several preseason games.

Philly is no stranger to injured rookies, so expect them to be extremely cautious with Fultz to start the season.

Every NBA GM is searching for shooting and no team improved more than the Sixers with their signing of JJ Redick. He shot 42.9% from the 3-point line last season, and his ability to strike from long-distance is going to be key in keeping the lane open for Simmons and double teams off of Embiid.