The Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the new orleans Pelicans the other day with the score 102-91, as reported by Last seasons Most Valuable Player in Russell Westbrook played his first NBA preseason game this year. Paul George played 27 minutes in their victory against the Pelicans which led him to score 25 points. DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis also had solid games despite them only playing 17 and 14 minutes, respectively.

Jrue Holiday struggles with his shots

Entering this upcoming season, the New Orleans Pelicans decided to let Holiday play more of the two position.

This move will likely lead to him taking more shots than last season. Holiday did take a lot of shots in their game against the Oklahoma City Thunder but he only made 33.3 percent of his field goal attempts. He contributed 11 points, one rebound, and six assists. He only made four of his 13 shot attempts and only made three of his nine three-point shots. Jrue Holiday will need to step up his game once the regular season begins. The Pelicans are looking very solid, but Cousins and Davis will need a little more help from their supporting cast for them to make the playoffs in the tough western conference.

Davis and Cousins continue to play well together

Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins have played almost all of their preseason games in the hopes of letting both of them get more familiar with each other.

Davis and Cousins have shown that they can co-exist on the floor in their previous preseason games. Davis contributed 14 points, seven rebounds, and two blocks in 17 minutes of gameplay. He made four of his nine shots and made six of his nine free throw attempts. Cousins also had a decent game with 13 points, four rebounds, two assists, and one block in just 14 minutes.

If the Pelicans roster can gel once the NBA season begins, they are likely to be a force to be reckoned with in the west.

Russell Westbrook plays his first preseason game

Last seasons NBA MVP Russell Westbrook suited up against the New Orleans Pelicans, but he only played around 11 minutes. He contributed nine points, one rebound, and four assists while shooting 60 percent from the field.

With Paul George and Carmelo Anthony by his side, Russell Westbrook will surely be more efficient next season with him having more help on the offensive end.

George puts up 25 points

Paul George played a great game against the Pelicans the other day. He contributed 25 points, four rebounds, and two steals. He made seven of his 14 shots and made three of his seven three-point attempts. The Oklahoma City Thunder are looking really scary this upcoming NBA season, especially when their new big three can play together.