Just when it seemed that the New York Giants' season couldn't sink any lower, injuries rocked them on Sunday. The most significant one occurred late in the game, when wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was felled with an ankle injury. Fans of the team held their collective breath, but the star couldn't contain his emotion as the training cart came out to get him. He was visibly shaken, surrounded by staffers, teammates, and even some members of the Los Angeles Chargers, who called for the cart that could change the team's season.

Beckham Jr. bites the dust

With just over four minutes left in a nail-biter, quarterback Eli Manning sent a ball toward Beckham Jr. As he went up to make the catch, he was hit and the ball sailed through his hands. It was immediately clear as he fell to the ground that something was wrong. Chargers players immediately waived for the Giants' medical personnel to rush onto the field as the wide receiver was on the ground.

Beckham Jr. was distraught as he was loaded into the cart, trying to bury his face as he broke into tears. Up to that point, he had five catches for 97 yards and a touchdown in an eventual Giants loss.

As it turned out, he had reason to be inconsolable -- his left ankle is fractured. The injury looked similar to the one he suffered during the preseason, which caused him to miss the beginning of the season. He'll seek a second opinion, but there's a decent chance this injury will severely impact his season.

Other Giants receivers go down

Beckham Jr. was the last receiver to go down on a troubling day for New York wideouts. The first to go was second-year player Sterling Shepard. He only had one catch for nine yards when he had to come limping off the field, also with an ankle injury. The next to go was Brandon Marshall, the team's big offseason acquisition.

He was also carted off the field and also had an ankle injury -- there must have been something slightly different about the turf.

In the third quarter, yet another receiver went down. This time, it was Dwayne Harris, whose fractured foot will keep him out for the rest of the season, just like Beckham Jr. The Giants were forced to turn to tight ends as the top receivers for the final stretch of their loss to Los Angeles.

The Giants are one of the worst teams in the NFL, stuck at 0-5 with no chance of making the playoffs anymore. The year began with playoff aspirations at worst, and Super Bowl expectations at best. Without Beckham Jr., it's not even worth watching.