As reported by, the Toronto Raptors hosted the Detroit Pistons on Tuesday at their Air Canada Center in Toronto. In their fourth game, the Raptors celebrated their 2nd victory in the preseason in front of a semi-sellout crowd inside the venue.

The Indiana Pacers hosted the Haifa Maccabi in their last preseason game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. The Maccabi lost in their second preseason game against the Pacers 89-108.

The Toronto Raptors, the Detroit Pistons, and Maccabi will play their final games this preseason on Friday before they go forward to the regular season next week.

The Raptors lead in all the quarters

The Toronto Raptors came ready to win their second game on Tuesday as they outscored the Pistons in the first 12 minutes of the game, 30-23. They were able to retain that lead in the next 2nd (31-28), third (31-20) and fourth quarter (24-23) by not allowing the Pistons to outscore them. The Raptors finished a winning game for a 116-94 lead.

Jonas dropped double-double scores

CJ Miles led the winning team to victory, scoring 19 points in just 15 minutes off the bench. He also added two defensive rebounds, one steal, three assists, and one block on this stat line.

Second to CJ was Jonas Valanciunas to contribute a high score to the Raptors. He scored 18 points while grabbing 11 rebounds for the team.

He shot 67 percent from the field, making 8-of-12 attempts.

Serge Ibaka, Demar DeRozan, Jacob Poeltl and Delon Wright also provided double-digit points to the Raptors.

Ish Smith shot 71 percent

Ish Smith played 29 minutes for Detroit Pistons and scored 22 points for the team. He also added eight assists, three defensive rebounds, two steals and two blocks on his stat line.

He shot 71 percent from the field, making 10-of-14 field goal attempts.

Andre Drummond and Langston Galloway scored double-digit points against the Raptors on Tuesday. Andre contributed 14 points while Langston with 16 points off the bench. In summary, the Pistons lost the game with a shooting percentage of 44 percent, making 37-of-84 field attempts.

Third win by the Pacers

On Tuesday's game against the Maccabi, the Indiana Pacers celebrated their third victory in the preseason. The Pacers led in the first (36-16) and fourth quarter of the game (25-17) while the Maccabi outscored them in the second (25-34) and third quarter of the game (22-21). Summing up their respective scores within the 48 minutes of the match, the Pacers won the game with a 19 point lead, 108-89.

Victor Oladipo and Angel Rodriguez's lead

Victor Oladipo led the Pacers in Tuesday night's game against the Maccabi with 18 points. He shot 63 percent from the field and 80 percent from the three-point line.

For the Maccabi, it was Josh Smith who led in points. He contributed 15 points within 28 minutes of playing for the Maccabi. Oz Blayzer and Samardo Samuels added 14 points each for the team.