A Marshawn Lynch suspension is likely coming from the NFL. Lynch and the Oakland Raiders took the field against the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday night (Oct. 19), but the game could be a side note when the “talking heads” discuss breaking news on Friday morning (Oct. 20). After a late hit by the Chiefs on Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, Lynch came off the bench to get into the resulting scrum.

After shoving an official and simultaneously grabbing him, Lynch received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and got ejected from the game. The broadcasters were quick to point out that Lynch had come from the bench while the Raiders and Chiefs players were shoving each other on the field.

That is what could lead to an end result of Marshawn Lynch suspended for multiple games. This all took place midway through the second quarter.

What was Lynch thinking?

It’s a given, and understood by NFL fans, that players on the bench are not allowed to enter the field when they are not involved in a play. There is even a penalty that goes along with it, where five yards is penalized for having too many players on the field. In this instance, it was after the play had taken place, but due to the scrum taking place between the Raiders and Chiefs, Lynch felt he needed to involve himself in what was taking place.

In the NBA, if a player leaves the bench during a fight, they are given an automatic one-game suspension.

That’s a rule that has been in place for a number of years and it is widely understood and enforced. Coming into contact with an official leads to a much stiffer penalty, which is very likely what Marshawn Lynch will be facing when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell gets a look at the footage.

Raiders vs. Chiefs rivalry

When the dustup took place, the Kansas City Chiefs were beating the Oakland Raiders 17-14.

A lot of offense had been taking place in the game, with Marshawn Lynch likely to receive a lot of additional carries as the game went on. Instead, following his ejection, Raiders backup running back Jalen Richard got the call. That’s good news for any fantasy football owners taking a chance on Richard this week.

Playing through a back injury, Derek Carr was looking good in the first half, connecting with receiver Amari Cooper on two touchdown passes.

Michael Crabtree has also been dealing with injuries this season, but he too was on the field for Thursday night. Just as the Oakland Raiders’ offense was about to be whole again, Marshawn Lynch made a huge mistake that could end up getting him suspended for multiple games. Expect the NFL to act swiftly and make an announcement about this on Friday (Oct. 20).