Los Angeles Lakers rising star Brandon Ingram is regularly texted by NBA superstar Kevin Durant. Ingram, 20, is one of the most promising and talented players in the league. On the other side, 2017 NBA Finals MVP Durant is -- if not the best -- one of the top-3 players.

Ingram, the No. 2 overall pick of the 2016 NBA draft, has been drawing comparisons to 6ft 9in Durant since he arrived in the league. He has shown the ability to dribble, run, and shoot the ball well. The Lakers hope Ingram will fulfill his enormous talent and become a superstar one day.

2014 NBA Regular Season MVP Durant as well sees a lot of potential in Ingram. The Duke product is eager to not fail anyone.

"[Durant] is always sending me motivational things. Though some things may need to be censored," Ingram told Michael Lee of Yahoo Sports. "He sees a lot in me. He actually told me to block out everything and be the killer that I am. To get a lot of guys around this league that see what I can be, it does nothing but make me want to work harder."

Ingram not pleased with rookie year

Former Duke Blue Devil Ingram had a tough beginning in his NBA rookie season. He was struggling to find his rhythm and get in the zone. Luckily, it all changed in the second part of the season. The rising forward took his time during the All-Star break to clear his mind and figure some things out.

It all looked much better for the 20-year-old after said event.

Ingram was coming out on the court more confident and relaxed. Though it was not an ideal beginning, the Lakers never lost faith and confidence in Ingram. The 20-year-old eventually managed to find his groove and show flashes of his enormous talent.

Ingram revealed to Lee that he doesn't think he did play "as well as I could have or should have played" last season.

The Lakers forward added that he "kind of lost confidence along the way" and was "uncomfortable."

Ingram to take notes

Ingram is now preparing to enter his sophomore year in the NBA. The Lakers are set to open their season on Thursday at the Staples Center against their city-rivals Los Angeles Clippers. The rising star is hoping to have a more consistent and positive campaign this year.

Without a doubt, putting on a good performance against the Clippers could set a good tone early for Ingram. Most importantly, the 20-year-old is ready to forget his rookie campaign.

"All in all, I had to be in it, to learn from it," Lakers forward Ingram added to Lee.