Former University of Southern California football player Osa Masina pleaded guilty Thursday in a Utah courtroom to misdemeanor sexual assault charges. Masina, who was kicked off the USC squad after the Utah charges and similar allegations in California became public knowledge, could be sentenced to three years in the county jail and probation. He will not have to register as a sex offender.

Masina, 20, was originally charged with rape and two counts of forcible sodomy, all felonies, but prosecutors were forced to settle for a plea bargain when the judge ruled out key pieces of evidence.

That evidence consisted of a SnapChat video that allegedly showed Masina raping the victim in July 2016 and pornographic photos on his phone.

Prosecutors say former USC linebacker had sex with girl who was too drunk to give consent

The Salt Lake County probable cause affidavit on Masina's original charges the incident took place at a party when the girl had too much drink and had eaten cookies laced with marijuana. The girl's ex-boyfriend, a University of Arizona Football Player, said Masina sent him a SnapChat video that showed the girl naked and face down on a bed with Masina behind her having sex with her.

Though the SnapChat video was mentioned in the probable cause affidavit, the jury never saw it.

The judge ruled out the video, though a favorable ruling may not have made any difference. Indications are that the only evidence that the video ever existed would have come from the ex-boyfriend's testimony.

Los Angeles authorities filed sexual assault charges against Masina earlier

A complicating factor in the case against Osa Masina was an earlier sexual assault case filed against him by Los Angeles authorities.

Twelve days prior to the Utah sexual assault, Masina and a Trojan teammate, Don Hill, allegedly got the girl drunk on alcohol, marijuana, and Xanax, got her naked and had sex with her. The alleged victim was the same girl Masina pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting in Utah.

Members of Masina's family criticized the prosecutors, who they say were in a rush to judgment to convict a well-known football player.

Masina not only was a Southern Cal standout but also had been a high school star in Utah.

A lawyer representing the victim was critical of the plea bargain, saying that what Masina did to her client was an act of violence and deserved a more severe penalty. No hearing has been scheduled for sentencing and prosecutors said they have not decided what punishment to seek.