News broke on Monday (Oct. 23) that the Phoenix Suns plan on finally trading disgruntled starting point guard Eric Bledsoe after they made it clear that he will no longer be playing for them.

It looks like things finally came to a head after Bledsoe posted a message on Twitter stating, "I don't wanna be here."

Once Bledsoe posted that tweet, the NBA world assumed that it meant that he's not happy about playing for the Suns. It's believed that Bledsoe posted the tweet while at a hair salon with his wife since that's what he claims. Whether he was upset due to the fact that he was at a salon or not, it's been known for a while that he wants to leave Phoenix.

The Denver Nuggets could be the team that lands Bledsoe

ESPN NBA Insider Amin Elhassan stated on Monday that the Denver Nuggets are the front-runners to land Bledsoe.

"Honestly I think Denver is probably the front-runner. They need that help more than anyone else," said Elhassan while appearing on "SC6."

The one name that Elhassan brought up when it comes to who the Nuggets could trade away in exchange for Bledsoe, is point guard Emmanuel Mudiay. You can watch the video below and see Elhassan talk about the Nuggets being the front-runners to acquire Bledsoe.

While Mudiay is a young talented 21-year-old, he's not in the midst of his prime like Bledsoe is. Bledsoe could help the Nuggets get to the playoffs in a tough Western Conference.

Mudiay would be a nice addition for the Suns since they could team him up with young stars Josh Jackson and Devin Booker.

Eric Bledsoe trade rumors have been going on for a while

This is certainly not the first time that Bledsoe's name has been brought up in the same sentence as the word "trade." It's been well known since last season that Bledsoe wants to leave the Suns.

There was a rumor in May that the Suns may end up trading both Bledsoe and fellow guard Brandon Knight. Now it looks like the Suns have finally woken up and have realized that they have to get rid of Bledsoe. It doesn't benefit them in any way to keep him around.

The Suns need to trade Eric Bledsoe

With Bledsoe being in the prime of his career, it would be smart for the Suns to trade him away, given the fact that they're not close to competing in the Western Conference.

They could end up being the worst team in the NBA this season after losing two of their first three games by more than 40 points.

The Suns need to take a step back and rebuild around young stars like Booker and Jackson. It's going to be a long road for the Suns as they rebuild, but keeping around an unhappy player like Bledsoe won't help them.