For the entire 2017 offseason there were trade rumors surrounding New England Patriots' back-up quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, since the 2017 season is the final year of his rookie contract. With that being said, it was highly unlikely that the Patriots would be able to afford to keep Garopplo going forward. So, he will not be the next great quarterback under head coach Bill Belichick.

The Patriots couldn't afford to hand Garoppolo a new contract and they didn't have the money to use the franchise tag on him, given the fact that it would make him one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL.

That's a problem given the fact that they have Tom Brady on the payroll.

With the NFL trade deadline on Tuesday, the Patriots finally found a trade partner in the San Francisco 49ers. ESPN's Adam Schefter reported on Monday that New England is sending Garoppolo to the Niners in exchange for a 2018 second round draft pick.

Garoppolo will get a hefty new contract

Now that the 49ers have pulled off a trade for Garoppolo, San Francisco will have to commit to him by paying him like a franchise quarterback.

The current highest paid quarterback in the league is Mathew Stafford of the Detroit Lions. He makes $25 million a year. My guess is that Garoppolo will sign a new deal that will pay him around $20 million a year, given the fact that he's not a proven starter.

He did play well last year when he started for the Patriots while Brady served his suspension, but that was a small sample size.

49ers cut Brian Hoyer

Now that Garoppolo is a member of the 49ers, they no longer need veteran Brian Hoyer, so they've released him, according to Schefter.

Garoppolo is only 26 years-old, so if everything works out well, the 49ers will have a franchise quarterback for the next 10 years.

With the Patriots now in need of a back-up quarterback, they could end up signing Hoyer. They signed him as an undrafted free agent in 2009 and he left New England in 2011. Even if the Patriots don't sign Hoyer, he'll find a new team. He's a very good back-up and they're not easy to come by in the NFL.

Kirk Cousins won't be signing with the 49ers

Washington Redskins' quarterback Kirk Cousins has a great relationship with 49ers' head coach Kyle Shanahan. So, many people thought that he could end up in San Francisco next year, since his contract will be up after this season and the Redskins don't seem inclined to give him a lucrative contract extension.

It was even repcently reported that the Niners are "drooling" over Cousins. He will have to either test the free agent market, or re-sign with the Skins for less money than he's looking for.