Week 9 marks a turning point in the college football season. It is time for every team to buckle down because there is no more room for error. It is also the week that the CFP committee releases their first set of rankings. Every team has to earn their way into the playoff and it does not come easy. Only eight undefeated teams remain, but some of them will undoubtedly fall. The committee is watching so it's win or go home.

Undefeated teams

Right now there are eight perfect teams remaining, and if the playoff teams were chosen today they would be Alabama, Penn State, Georgia, and TCU.

But three of the undefeated teams are guaranteed to have a loss at the end of the season. Alabama will play Georgia in the SEC Championship if neither team loses until then, and Penn State will play Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship if both teams win out. USF and UCF play their last scheduled game against each other so one of them has to lose. Given these circumstances, there is bound to be a shakeup in the top four teams before the playoff teams are chosen.

Many suspect Alabama will roll past all of their opponents this year including UGA and remain No. 1 ranked. But Kirby Smart and the Bulldogs can't wait for the chance to prove themselves to the committee in December. Regardless of who wins the SEC, if they have no losses, they are guaranteed the No.

1 rank.

The Nittany Lions are No. 2 ranked right now and if they keep playing the way they have been they have a good chance to win their conference with no losses. If Penn State does win out they deserve to stay where they are in the rankings. Wisconsin will also likely play in the Big Ten Championship and if they get the conference title while staying undefeated they should earn the No.

2 rank in the playoff.

TCU has the opportunity to beat every team in the Big 12 and play in a conference championship game this year. The playoff committee puts a heavy weight on conference champions so if the Horned Frogs win out they should not be left out of the bracket.

Miami is the only team in the ACC with no losses and many see them as a joke.

They have not played against a ranked opponent this season and have had too many close calls with unranked teams. The Hurricanes still have to face Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, and the ACC Atlantic champion if they get that far. That is their chance to prove themselves and if Miami does get over all these hurtles undefeated it would be hard to leave them out.

One-loss teams

This is where it gets tricky. There are so many one-loss teams out there that could be contenders for the playoff if one of the top teams slips up. Clemson, the defending national champion, still has the opportunity to win the ACC Championship if they do not lose the rest of the season. Notre Dame also sticks out as a possible choice because they only lost by one point to a solid Georgia team and proved themselves with a win this past weekend against a powerful USC squad.

Oklahoma and Heisman hopeful Baker Mayfield could win out and take the Big 12, but Oklahoma State also has this opportunity. The PAC-12 champion has a chance to make the playoff only if a few other teams get a loss. Washington looks like the most complete team out west, but they need some help if they want to have a shot.

There are other one-loss teams that are on the outside looking in like Virginia Tech, NC State, Washington State, and Michigan State. These teams have the chance to win their conference but in order to make the playoff would need many other teams to lose. But with six more weeks until the final decision is made, there could be a lot of change in the rankings. At this point in the season don't rule out anything.