Despite sitting out all of last year with an injury, it is looking like the 76ers still made the right choice by taking Ben Simmons with the first overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. Even though the NBA season is still relatively young, Simmons has already put the league on notice. Through his first 4 games of his NBA career, Simmons is averaging 17 points, nearly 11 rebounds, and 7 assists. These are great numbers for anyone, let alone a guy who is only about a week or so into his NBA career.

In fact, each of his first 4 games in his career was a double-double, which is a feat that hasn't been done since Shaquille O'Neal joined the league in 1992.

Oh, and by the way, Simmons wouldn't even be born until 4 years after Shaq accomplished that feat. However, Ben Simmons' hot start not only puts him on par with Shaq, but also with a few other NBA greats.

Ben Simmons has joined elite company

In addition to being the first NBA player with 4 straight trip doubles to start an NBA career, Ben Simmons' historic start also puts him in another elite group of players. In addition to 4 double-doubles to start his career, Simmons notched a rare triple-double in his 4th career game against the Detroit Pistons (which also ended up being a win). He is one of only three players in the entire history of the NBA to have a triple-double in their first four games.

The other guys? Well, one is an obscure former NBA champion named Hambone Jones, but the other, he is special. Outside of Simmons and Williams, the only other person to have a triple-double within their first four games was none other than Oscar Robertson, who is one of the best players in history. We'd say that is a pretty good group to be a part of.

The sky is the limit for Simmons and the Sixers

While this is all extremely impressive from the Austrailian native, there are those that think Ben Simmons isn't even the brightest star on his own team. Many would say that distinction goes to Joel Embiid, who is finally healthy himself after a string of injuries and ailments.

Embiid has a rare combination of speed and strength, that works incredibly well with the athletic skills of Ben Simmons. With Simmons and Embiid on the team, as well as other young stars and veteran role players, things are looking up for a team that has been near the bottom of the basement nearly every season of the last decade-plus. Don't be shocked to see more articles about Ben Simmons breaking more records and joining more elite lists of players.