The Baltimore Ravens were on the losing end of one of the most controversial hits of the NFL season on Thursday night. The play occurred towards the end of the first half, with the Ravens already sporting a sizable lead over the Miami Dolphins. Quarterback Joe Flacco decided he had room to scramble for the first down and made his move. Then, he gave himself up, only to be rocked by an opposing linebacker. The blow led to immediate consequences for several players, as well as some potential long-term ones as well.

Ravens suffer tough blow

Everyone could see that Flacco was giving himself up, sliding to the turf to avoid any rocking hit from the opponent.

Even though he did that, however, Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso came roaring into the play and delivered a crushing hit to the Ravens quarterback while he slid, which many believed to be late, and therefore dirty. His teammates immediately came to his defense, leading to an intense skirmish near the sideline.

The only immediate consequence befell Flacco, who was clearly woozy immediately after being clocked. He needed to exit the game with a concussion, as well as due to the blood pouring out from his left ear.

Alonso wasn't tossed from the game, despite the feeling from many Ravens that the hit was dirty. Baltimore would have the last laugh on the night, however, after they embarrassed the Dolphins 40-0.

Long-term consequences for Flacco, others

The immediate concern after the game was for Flacco and his health. He did enter the concussion protocol during the game, the first time he has publicly done so during his NFL career.

The Ravens appear to be in decent hands with Ryan Mallett, which is good, considering the unpredictability of concussions. Their next game is on November 5, giving Flacco some time to pass the protocol.

Meanwhile, there's an expectation that Alonso should face a penalty from the NFL, either a hefty fine or a brief suspension.

The Dolphins linebacker maintains his innocence, but intent and injury don't always have to mix for discipline to be filed. Additionally, there was another concerning incident later in the game, when Dolphins lineman Ndamukong Suh appeared to choke out Mallett. That should definitely draw some sort of suspension.

For now, Baltimore's only concern is the health of Flacco, their Super Bowl winning and highly-compensated star, who will go down as the best quarterback in franchise history.