The international superstar finds himself in a sticky situation after being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Cheshire.

The former Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney was stopped by officers Thursday evening after spending a night at a sports bar with Evertonian teammate Phil Bardsley. He was not alone in the car, as his wife and three children accompanied him.

No official statement from Rooney

The former England captain has yet to make an official statement on the arrest. We are still in the dark about just how serious the allegations are and whether the police will be pursuing charges against Wayne Rooney.

Premier League clubs are currently on international break, and since Rooney announced his retirement from the national team last week, he is also on break. After confirming that he was done playing for England, the country's all time top scorer demonstrated an appreciation for the free-time that comes with retirement. After Everton's loss to Chelsea, he said that he feels positive about the situation and that he "can have a good rest now and be ready for the next game."

This was not the only Rooney related news over the last few weeks, as his wife Coleen announced that she is pregnant with their fourth child.

Two goals

Wayne Rooney has had a decent start to his new career with Everton. He marked his official Premier League debut with the winning, and only, goal against Stoke City on the opening day of the season.

He followed it up with the club's only goal away to Manchester City, which earned Everton a draw.

This news is rather shocking and will worry fans that it might throw the striker off his game. At this point, we do not quite know how far the charges might go. Although Rooney is known to enjoy a drink, he does not have a history of run ins with the law, so this could very well end up being a slap on the wrist.

Manchester United

Wayne Rooney served as one of the red devils' best players for nearly a decade, although he did see a sharp decline towards the end of his tenure. Supporters of the club were not particularly shocked or disappointed when the 31-year-old attacker was sold to Everton.

Throughout his time with the club, he scored 250 goals, breaking Sir Bobby Charlton's record and earning the title as the club's all-time goal scorer. He played a major role in one Champions League victory and helped to secure Manchester United a place in two finals against Barcelona.