Washington Redskins linebacker turned safety Su'a Cravens has decided to return to football according to several sources. It has been two weeks since the 22-year-old stepped away from the game he's played since childhood while pondering his personal life and retirement.

When Cravens made the decision two weeks ago, the team placed him on the NFL's exempt/left team list giving him four weeks to figure out which direction he wanted to go before the team would ultimately have to deactivate him if he didn't return.

At USC-Texas game Saturday night with Doug Williams

Cravens was spotted Saturday night at the Usc vs. Texas game as he stood on the sideline with none other than Washington Redskins Senior VP of Player Personnel and Superbowl XXII-winning QB Doug Williams. Williams, of course, is in town for the Redskins vs. Rams game in the same place as the two stood last night, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (although it looked like Williams may have been scouting talent as well)...Cravens was there cheering on his alma mater Trojans as they took on the Texas Longhorns.

Cravens likely enjoyed his evening as USC went on to beat Texas in double-overtime by the score of 27-24.

All signs are pointing at Tuesday for a return

All of the sources who have had information on Su'a Cravens have said it will likely be Tuesday when he returns to Redskins Park.

It's expected that his teammates and coaches will accept him back in with open arms, fans will likely be less receptive. Cravens underwent a lot of scrutiny from Redskins fans and people on the internet in general after announcing two weeks ago that he was going to step back for a bit. In the process, Cravens removed everything that had anything to do with the NFL from his social media accounts but kept up his USC items, leading to more rumors about his status.

Cravens still has not publically said anything about a return.

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden has had some contact with Cravens since his leaving the team. After it was announced Su'a was leaving two weeks ago, Gruden spoke directly about the situation at his daily press conference when asked.

"I think sometimes your personal life is more important, and, in this case, for him, it is," Gruden told reporters. "I just think that there are some things really weighing on his mind that he has to take care of. So if he gets those things cleared up, then sure, we will take another look at him."

Cravens is still recovering from knee surgery he underwent in the preseason and it's currently unknown what his status is regarding how well he is responding to that treatment. In order for the team to get him back on the current roster, they would have to release someone first as he is still on the exempt list at the moment.