President Donald Trump has been coming under a lot of fire for his tweets about the NFL 'kneel gesture'. The gesture was first established about a year ago when former NFL quarterback/free agent Colin Kaepernick did it as a statement against the social inequality and treatment of blacks by the police. Donald Trump weighed in on the matter casting athletes in a negative light and calling them names.

Is the President preoccupied with the NFL?

Since then, the president has been receiving negative feedback about the matter. The President has been known for his 'reckless' tweets, stirring up controversy since taking up office.

This situation is no different as many believe President Trump has no right to be feeding the situation as much attention as he has been doing.

President Trump has called the gesture 'disgraceful kneeling' and is adamant that he is not preoccupied with the NFL.

In an interview, he said, "Well I wasn't preoccupied with the NFL. I don't think you can disrespect our country, our flag, our national anthem."

The NFL has opted not to react to tweets made by the president on the matter. The social media consensus is leaning more to the idea that Trump is becoming the center of attention in the matter a bit too much and that it is distracting from the importance of the situation.

What is the NFL doing about it all?

The NFL seems to be allowing things to slide. Their stance seems to be in accordance with an attempt to wait it out and see how things go. The fact of the matter is that they should be looking to take a stand. It creates an air of incompetence and uncertainty about their rules and regulations if they just sit by and let it spiral out of control.

At the end of the day, a compromise has to be made. Maybe there can be another way for players to support the cause and voice their concerns?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions surely thinks so. He broke his silence on the matter during an appearance at the Georgetown University law school to say "These players can express their views without in effect disgracing the symbols of the nation."

The NFL ratings have plummeted since the matter began to gather steam except for the beginning of the event.

It seems that viewers just tune in to see what happens and that's it.

The matter is down to the question of whether or not the gesture is deemed to be disrespectful to the nation and what it stands for. If so, it is in fact better to find another avenue for the expression of said views.