Milwaukee Bucks point guard Malcolm Brogdon was named the Rookie of the Year for the 2016-17 NBA season. Many approved the decision because he had a significant impact on Milwaukee's previous campaign. The Bucks, powered by their young core, returned to the playoffs last season. If there are those pleased that Brogdon won the award, some believe there were other rookies who deserved it more. One of them is Philadelphia 76ers head coach, Brett Brown.

In a recent report by CSN Philly, Brown stated that it should have been forward Dario Saric who should have taken home the award.

Brown shared his opinion while he discussed the potential role of the 23-year-old for Philadelphia next season. Looking at the numbers of Saric and Brogdon, the former did a better job on offense and rebounding. He also saw action more, missing just one regular season game. However, Brogdon may have provided a greater overall performance, which helped him secure the feat.

Better outing

Perhaps one of the factors considered in naming last season's Rookie of the Year was the performance of the candidates' respective teams. If that is the case, then it is reasonable why Brogdon captured the award. As mentioned, the Bucks reached the postseason. Before this, they finished sixth in the Eastern Conference with a 42-40 record.

Saric's 76ers, on the other hand, were again cellar dwellers. They ended the season with a 28-54 record to get the 14th spot in the conference.

No starting job for Saric

Despite Saric's impressive performance in his rookie year, it looks like Brown is not yet ready to make him a starter for Philadelphia. Brown revealed that he is yet to determine the role of the developing prospect from Croatia.

If Saric plays at the small forward position, he will likely be a second-stringer behind Ben Simmons. He might even get pushed further on the depth chart because of Robert Covington. Saric has a bigger chance of taking the starting job at power forward. At No. 4, the only man he must outperform is Amir Johnson, one of the 76ers' offseason acquisitions.

Another offseason addition, James Michael McAdoo, may also have the chance to compete for the starting duties in the upcoming training camp. However, it is highly unlikely that Brown will trust him with such a task considering that he is a newcomer to the team. Philadelphia's season will begin on October 18 with a road game versus the Washington Wizards.