A lot of questions surround the four corners of the Chicago Bulls front office following their decision to immediately start rebuilding its franchise. The management hopes of keeping in step with the fast-changing environment of the NBA. The plan is to make create a more competitive, much better team than the eighth-seeded Bulls during the last season.

But as it turns out, the plan doesn’t include Jimmy Butler. The rebuilding also does not include Rajon Rondo. They only want Dwyane Wade. The only problem is -- he was under the impression they will solidify the same team that almost beat the Boston Celtics during the first round of the NBA Playoffs.

D-Wade was misled

When Wade decided to opt-in for the final year of his contract, he had no clue Butler won’t be there. He never thought the Bulls would trade their top scorer. He had no idea they would rebuild the team so soon. Jimmy Butler was also under the impression he won’t get traded.

Yet, the following day during the 2017 NBA Draft, Butler was traded to Minnesota in exchange for Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn and the rights to Lauri Markkanen. A week later, Rajon Rondo was waived, marking the end of the short-lived Big Three and the beginning of rebuilding the Chicago Bulls.

At 35, Wade doesn’t have the luxury of watching the Chicago Bulls become a better team as years pass by. He could have easily opted out his contract.

He would have readily decided to reunite with his old buddy in Cleveland.

Buying out D-Wade’s contract

Wade thought they have a good chance to run after the Eastern Conference seat at the NBA Finals especially after their performance against the Boston Celtics. But the three-time NBA champion felt misled. Now, reports say that the divorce between the Bulls and Wade is imminent.

Many are still asking why the Chicago Bulls management encouraged Wade to opt in if they are amenable into buying out his contract afterward. They should have seen this coming. The Bulls should have realized the consequences of lying. They could have run after younger superstars in the free agency instead of asking Wade to stay.

Now, it looks like they are trying to frustrate Wade so he’ll agree to a buyout even for a lesser amount, according to league sources. But then it just goes back to the previous question -- why lure Wade to opt in?

Young Bulls want Wade out?

While some question the Bulls management, some also question Wade’s thought of his team. They want to know if Wade thinks the team isn’t competitive enough after Butler got traded. Yet even back then, Wade was straightforward in telling his teammates about their work ethics. Is this the reason he is out of reach?

As per Nick Friedell of ESPN, it’s a little secret within the Bulls locker room that young players have had enough of Wade. They are hoping the management would agree to buyout his contract.

However, no one wants to voice out their concern.

Certainly, it did not come from Zach LaVine who averaged 18.9 points per game last season – the Timberwolves’ third top scorer behind Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins. Definitely, not from sophomore Kris Dunn, who could have a breakout season after playing mostly in the shadows of Ricky Rubio during his first year.

Absolutely not from rookie Lauri Markkanen who recently helped the Finland men’s basketball team in the EuroBasket 2017. But who from the remaining young blood in the Chicago Bulls’ arsenal who wants him out: Bobby Portis, Paul Zipser, Denzel Valentine, Jerian Grant, Cameron Payne, or all of them?