Dallas Cowboys veteran tight end Jason Witten used the word "special" to describe how he felt after breaking the team's record for most receiving yards. The 35-year-old made it past the great and Cowboys legend Michael Irvin this past Sunday. Witten caught 59 yards on seven catches in the Week 1 matchup against the New York Giants. Witten now has 1,096 receiving yards to his name.

Witten now has 1,096 receiving yards to his name. Though yet to win a Super Bowl, Witten has had an accomplished career so far. He made the Pro Bowl 10 times and was twice selected to the All-Pro first team.

''Yeah, I mean, it's special. It's really special,'' Witten said of the new record. ''You know, over the course of my career, there have been some special moments. Being able to accomplish some of those things within the league and receptions and different things along the way.''

Witten honored to pass Irvin

Witten has the right to feel special, as he has nothing but respect for the great Irvin. 51-year-old Irvin is one of the greatest Cowboys of all-time, as he was key in Dallas' three of five winning campaigns. The five-time Pro Bowl receiver retired in 1999 after spending his entire career in the state of Texas

''But, for this organization to set that record and pass Michael...I just have so much respect for the great players that have played for this organization,'' Witten revealed.

''I said earlier in the week, Michael was someone that I remember watching and admiring the way he played.''

Witten stays humble

Witten has not forgotten those that have helped him get where he is now. Witten, the 69th pick of round three in the 2003 NFL draft, just entered his 15th season as a Cowboy. The 35-year-old has been a teammate of many former Cowboys players.

Former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is the guy who deserves a ton of credit for helping Witten pass Irvin. Romo, who went undrafted in 2003, arrived in Dallas the same year as Witten. The two shared the same side of the field until last year when four-time Pro Bowl quarterback Romo retired

Now-starting Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott "pushed" Romo into retirement.

Romo, 37, broke a bone in his back during a 2016 preseason game. Dallas named 2016 fourth-round pick Prescott as their starting quarterback, but the goal was to insert Romo in the starting lineup when he recovers. However, as Prescott continued to impress and bring wins to the Cowboys, the team decided to stick with Prescott. Prescott, 24, was the one who delivered passes to Witten on Sunday against the Giants.