Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant used the word "monster" while describing fellow teammate Jason Witten. Witten, 35, had a memorable night on Sunday against the New York Giants, having broken the team's all-time record for most receiving yards. The 35-year-old dethroned Cowboys legend and three-time Super Bowl champion on the list. The tight end now has 11,947 yards on 1096 catches.

Witten, who is now in his 15th NFL season, collected 59 yards on seven catches in Week 1. He also contributed to his team's 19-3 win with a touchdown scored during the second quarter.

Bryant was full of praise for Witten during his post-game interview -- the guy whom he considers to be one the team's leaders.

''He deserved it,'' Bryant said of Witten during his post-game. ''You know, this guy is a monster. He's been doing this thing for a while. He looked like he just got in here. He ballin'. You know, and congrats to my guy...he deserved it -- and you know, he (has) got a lot more to go.''

Bryant impressed by Beasley's catch

Witten wasn't the only Cowboy praised by Bryant as fellow wide receiver Cole Beasley was on Bryant's praise list as well. Beasley's sick behind-the-back, one-handed catch at the beginning of the fourth quarter left much stunned.

Bryant admitted after the match that he didn't initially see the attractive play.

However, he rushed to Twitter afterward to see what exactly happened.

''Oh man it was great. I didn't see it on the field. So far that's the top catch of the year,'' a clearly-impressed Bryant claimed.

Bryant claims Giants' Jenkins got lucky

Bryant also reflected on his matchup against Giants corner Janoris Jenkins, insisting it's "fun" to him as he looks forward to matching up against the Giant once again.

Bryant was hoping to get the better of Jenkins on Sunday, but he struggled once again. Jenkins, 28, shut down Bryant a year ago, forcing the Cowboys wide receiver to collect only a disappointing total of 18 yards combined on two catches in two games.

Bryant caught two passes on Sunday, picking up 43 yards in the season opener.

Though the Giants lost, Jenkins got his job done once again -- not letting Bryant get in the zone. Jenkins was enjoying the moment as he could have been seen trash talking Bryant during the game. The Cowboys star had none of it, claiming the corner ''got lucky.''

''You know, it's fun. It's always fun. I'm looking forward to (playing) him again. I'm not trying to look too far ahead, but I'm looking forward to playing him again. I felt like he got lucky tonight. He caught some big breaks. You know, that's how it goes, we got the W,'' Bryant said of Jenkins.

Though opponents on the field, Bryant also gave some recognition to Jenkins, saying: ''I love going against the guy 'cause, you know, like I said, you know...he's a good guy -- but he got a break tonight.''