The Cleveland Cavaliers have been the most talked about NBA franchise since the beginning of this offseason. The defending Eastern Conference champions have been very active since their 2017 NBA Finals loss to the Warriors and, so far, they've made some major changes. Kyrie Irving is no longer in Cleveland and there are rumors about LeBron James' potential departure in 2018. The Cavs also acquired a former MVP, Derrick Rose, this summer and they added some other good players to their roster, including Isaiah Thomas and Jeff Green. But it looks like the Cavs aren't done making changes this offseason as it seems they might sign another All-Star caliber player.

Can the Cavaliers land Wade?

There have been many rumors and speculations this offseason about Dwyane Wade's future. Wade is currently on contract with the Chicago Bulls and has one year remaining on his deal with the Bulls. But according to numerous reports, he is expected to reach a buyout agreement with the Bulls and become a free-agent in the coming period. Lately, Wade has often been linked with the Cleveland Cavaliers and, reportedly, if he reaches a buyout with the Bulls, he would love to join the Cavaliers.

This would mean that Wade would once again team up with LeBron James, as the two of them were teammates for four seasons with the Miami Heat. Wade and James won two championships as teammates and surely it would be very interesting to see them on the same team once again.

The Cavaliers, on the other hand, would welcome having the 35-year-old shooting guard from Chicago as he would give them another great option on the offensive end of the floor.

Wade in the starting lineup, JR to the bench?

If Dwyane does end up on the Cavaliers in the coming period, he would likely be in the starting lineup for the Cavs, according to Alek Kennedy of HoopsHype.

This is what Kennedy shared in his recent report: "If the Cavs were to land Wade, sources familiar with the situation said they would likely make him a starter and move JR Smith into a sixth man role." The 6-foot-4 Wade averaged 18.3 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 3.8 assists per game last season with Chicago and the Cavs apparently think he still has a lot to offer, as they would be ready to put him in the starting lineup next season.

This would mean that JR Smith would have to accept the sixth-man role once again in his career, something he is very accustomed to. Smith has been the starting shooting guard for the Cavaliers for the past two seasons, and last season he averaged 8.6 points and 2.8 rebounds per game. With Wade potentially in the starting lineup and JR Smith along with Derrick Rose off the bench, the Cavaliers would once again be the prohibitive favorites to win the Eastern Conference next season.