The season of 2017 saw Novak Djokovic rapidly falling out if the skies as he lost all the previous luster. As it turned out, the physical toll was not the only one to blame on as the 30-year-old tennis star completely changed his technical staff. In what was called a bold move, Djokovic reduced his coaching box to nothing only to make room for the former ATP star and tennis legend Andre Agassi.

While the name itself can create a stir around it, Agassi is having the first affair in the coaching field, and he chose Djokovic to make his debut. Bringing Agassi in before the French Open is the biggest move of Djokovic in 2017 as his tennis failed to get better in the following weeks.

Being forced to call an early end of the season due to a lingering elbow injury, Djokovic was last time seen competing a few months ago at 2017 Wimbledon Championships. He went on to abandon the quarterfinal match against Tomas Berdych.

Andre Agassi and the expectations around his role in Djokovic's team

According to ESPN, Andre Agassi is expected to remain in Djokovic's coaching box in 2018. It's good news given the fact that the Serb has been keeping himself away from the spotlight over the last few months. Moreover, with Agassi in his corner, even for a brief period, Djokovic didn't seem eager to embrace the change.

Assuming the coaching role for the first time, Agassi is probably aware of the expectation level around the matter.

On the other side, a glorious past as a player doesn't necessary means that he is entitled to hope for another great run while coaching. The fact that he chose Djokovic as a first may give a hint into Agassi's future plans regarding his involvement in the tennis world.

Novak Djokovic's comeback

Novak Djokovic is expected to make a comeback to action in January 2018.

That means the very first big test will be the 2018 Australian Open, a tournament he holds dearly in his heart and a place he has conquered six times in the past. Moreover, Melbourne is the place where he was given the first taste of a Grand Slam title back in 2008.

The 2017 Australian Open saw Novak Djokovic losing to Denis Istomin, a player from outside the top 100.

Watching him on a dangerous downward spiral was not an easy thing to do. Just remember how strong he used to be and how he has kept the ATP professional tour in his own clutch for two years in a row. In an era where being past 30 years of age seems like a second youth, he is expected to regain his spot as a top competitor.