Game analysts, odd makers and even some fans from opposing teams believe the Golden State Warriors will be able to defend their crown next season, possibly even three-peat. This is the benefit of having a star-studded lineup with the likes of Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

There’s no question about it -- all four played major roles in conquering the Cleveland Cavaliers to capture their second NBA title in three years. But the more concerning question is how the Warriors front office can retain four potential max deal players after two years?

The Klay Thompson scenario

Things will be tougher for the Warriors once Klay Thompson becomes eligible for a max deal after two years when he becomes a free agent. By that time, Curry will enter the third year of his 5-year contract that will give him $40 million.

The question is, how much can Thompson earn in 2019 when he completed his eighth year in the league? Based on the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), he is eligible for a max deal of 30% of the total salary cap. But if Thompson makes the All-NBA team at least once in the next two years, he can ask the Warriors for a max deal of 35% of the salary cap.

Clearly, it would be impossible for the Warriors to re-sign Thompson to any of these two deals if Durant is still around.

The 2017 NBA Finals MVP already took a pay cut of $9.5 million this season to help the Warriors bring some of its core players back. Agreeing to another $25 million contract is another question only KD can answer.

After the NBA Finals, many NBA teams inquired about the availability of the Splash Brothers’ other half, especially after Curry signed a supermax deal.

In fact, even the Cavaliers front office asked for Thompson for Kyrie Irving before shipping him to Boston Celtics. This only means he will have many suitors when becomes a free agent in 2019.

The odd man out

Draymond Green’s case is a bit different -- he was named as the 2017 Defensive Player of the Year. One more Defensive Player award or become part of the All-NBA team (at any level), Green gets a better chance of landing a bigger paycheck close to Curry's.

For sure, a lot of NBA teams would offer a multimillion dollar contract once he becomes a free agent.

But by that time, the Warriors would have an easier decision to make. The reason -- Green will only become a free agent in 2020, a year after Thompson. If Thompson stays, Green is out vis-à-vis.

However, many basketball experts and analysts believe that if it boils down to deciding between the two Warriors, the Golden State front office will choose Green over Thompson. The reason is quite obvious -- they already have Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant.