Seth and Stephen Curry were recently in South Korea for a corporate event to promote a shoe brand. For their three-day stay in Seoul, the two NBA players held a series of basketball clinics and meet-and-greet events which were attended by aspiring players as well as celebrities.

GSW star player wow Korean celebrities

For their final schedule in Seoul, the Curry brothers filmed an episode of "Infinite Challenge" where they showed off their basketball skills against the program's hosts. Actor Nam Joo Hyuk, who is a big fan of Stephen Curry, also joined the lineup of the MBC show.

The special episode kicked off by introducing the players from both teams before the actual game started. What seemed to be a serious match turned into something hilarious when the "Infinite Challenge" team stepped up their game by turning their player into a 12-foot inflatable puppet to defend the rim. Not only that, they even installed extra hands to one of their players in hopes to stop Seth and Stephen Curry from scoring.

But despite their efforts to tighten their defense, the "Infinite Challenge" team still failed to stop the NBA hotshots from scoring their way to the hoop. At some point, Stephen Curry even launched a half-court shot which earned their duo five points.

After the hilarious basketball match, the Curry brothers gamely interacted with the "Infinite Challenge" cast members who challenged them for a guessing game.

Both Seth and Stephen were asked to guess the respective jobs of each member based on their appearance.

Stephen Curry's recent visit to South Korea is said to be his first time in the country. He and his brother, Seth, received a warm welcome from their Korean fans when they arrived at Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center from China.

Several Korean celebrities were also spotted during their meet-and-greet at a local shoe store in Seoul. Among them were K-pop idols Yook Sungjae of BTOB, Jinwoon of 2 AM, and even model-turned-actress Eonjeong Lee.

Stephen Curry makes his pro golf debut

Following his Asian corporate tour, Stephen Curry was spotted on the golf course to make his professional golf debut at the Tour Ellie Mae Classic in California.

In fact, the NBA hotshot did not fail his fans after finishing the first round with four-over par 74.

The Golden State Warriors star player described his golf debut "an amazing experience" and admitted that he was "really nervous" when he stepped onto the golf course. "If you told me I was going to shoot 74 going into the first round I'd take that all day, every day. I'm pretty happy with it," he said.