The Toronto Maple Leafs, a team with some young stars returning and new additions, will start the NHL's preseason with a home-and-home situation. The Leafs will make their preseason debut for 2017-2018 on the road on September 18Th as they will face the Ottawa Senators at 7:30 pm (all times ET). Twenty-four hours later the Leafs will host the Senators as the Atlantic Division rivals will get familiar with one another very quickly.

Leafs' preseason NHL schedule

In total, the Leafs will participate in eight preseason games as they will no doubt be testing lines and minor league players out along with all of the other NHL teams.

Following their September 19th game hosting Ottawa, Toronto will have the following preseason schedule:

  • Hosting Buffalo, but at Ricoh Coliseum on September 22nd (7:30 pm)
  • Traveling to Buffalo on September 23rd (7 pm)
  • Hosting Montreal, again at Ricoh Coliseum on September 25th (7:30 pm)
  • A neutral-site game against the Canadiens in Quebec City's Centre Videotron on September 27th (7 pm)
  • Traveling to Detroit on September 29th (7:30 pm)
  • Hosting Detroit, but again at Ricoh Coliseum (7 pm)

In terms of travel, the Toronto Maple Leafs got off pretty easy in the preseason. None of the games involve major lengthy flights. That's certainly a little different than the hand that the Vancouver Canucks and the Los Angeles Kings were dealt in their preseason scheduling.

The Canucks and Kings will play two games in China as part of their preseason efforts. However, Toronto did get dealt a high volume of games which can be double sided. On the one hand, it affords a lot of time to tinker with lineups, but it might also fatigue a team.

Senators' preseason schedule after the Leafs

After playing the Leafs in Toronto, the Senators will play four more preseason games.

That will include a neutral-site game as the Senators will head out east to play in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. The following is the schedule for the Ottawa Senators after their two games against Toronto:

  • Hosting the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday, September 23rd (7 pm)
  • A neutral-site game against the New Jersey Devils (split squad) on Monday, September 25th (6 pm)
  • Traveling to Winnipeg to take on the Jets on Wednesday, September 27th (8 pm)
  • Traveling to Montreal to take on the Canadiens on Saturday, September 30th (7 pm)

All totaled, the Sens appear in the preseason schedule six times.

They do have a bit more travel involved as they will range from the far east of the continent in PEI to the prairies with Winnipeg.