The Buffalo Bills finished last season on a disappointing note under the guidance of head coach Rex Ryan. In the year before last, Ryan's Bills had finished with a 8-8 record and many were expecting Buffalo to finally end their playoff drought and make that leap into the playoffs. Instead, the Bills finished 7-9, fired their head coach, and hired Sean Mcdermott. So far, it certainly looks like McDermott might be the man who could finally break Buffalo's seventeen year playoff drought.

McDermott Making a Personal Connection with Players

Unlike a lot of other coaches, who are focused on 40 times and conditioning, McDermott is making an effort to get to know his players.

To do this, he allows one player to address the team and speak freely in front of the entire roster prior to a morning meeting. This gives a players a chance to explain their personal situations: How they got here, what inspires them, and what makes them who they are today.

So far, the experiment has been a resounding success, as players like Jerry Hughes and Tyrod Taylor have raved about the connection they have made with players they might not have spoken to otherwise. One of those players is offensive guard Karim Barton, who became friends with Jerry Hughes through the conversations.

One of the players who has really enjoyed the stories is rookie quarterback Nathan Peterman, who has been made more comfortable by the openness of the players.

These morning sessions help Peterman know his fellow teammates a little bit better.

Commitment to Family

What this really represents is Sean McDermott's strong commitment to family. And that will help create a family among the Buffalo Bills roster, which is extremely emblematic of the Bills fanbase.

Ultimately, Buffalo fans share a common bond for their team and the Bills Mafia sticks together as a family through it all.

Rex Ryan might have been a "blue collar guy" who represented the working man of Buffalo, but McDermott might be an even better fit in Buffalo. And besides, aside from these team building exercises, McDermott appears to be doing an excellent job in Training Camp.

McDermott Working With Bills Players Strengths

Unlike Rex Ryan, who tried to force his defense onto players who didn't really fit into it, McDermott is using players correctly.

Shaq Lawson, who was routinely forced to drop into coverage last season, now has the opportunity to purely rush the passer, and he has looked unbelievable in camp. Zay Jones, the Bills second round draft pick, looks like a natural fit in the Bills offense and is expected to contribute quite a bit in year one.

So far, so good for Sean McDermott.