Mike Tomlin has won a lot of games for the Pittsburgh Steelers since he took over as the head coach in 2007. Tomlin coached the team to a Super Bowl victory in Super Bowl XLIII and was one win away from returning to the big game in 2016 as well. Over his time coaching the Steelers, Tomlin has a 103-57 record and has an 8-6 record in the postseason as well. To reward their head coach, the Steelers have extended his contract through the 2020 NFL season.

Mike Tomlin is a 'steward'

In an interview with ESPN, Mike Tomlin seemed very humble by the contract extension.

When it comes to remaining with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tomlin said that he feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to continue coaching for the franchise. He also said that he doesn't consider himself a leader for the team and said he is just a steward whose job is to leave the team in better condition than it was when he took the job.

When it comes to sticking around with the Pittsburgh Steelers for at least three more seasons, Mike Tomlin said that he is just humbled and respectful that the organization is allowing him to do what he loves to do. He said he didn't even want to bother worrying or thinking about his contract extension because he just wants to coach and is focused on the 2017 NFL season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are very loyal to their head coaches and make sure that they find a perfect one before the even hire a person. Chuck Noll coached the team from 1969 until 1991. He retired after coaching the team to four Super Bowl wins and took an administrative position upon his retirement.

Bill Cowher took over in 1992 and coached the team until 2006.

Cowher won one Super Bowl and resigned from coaching to become an NFL television studio analyst. Mike Tomlin then took over and won one Super Bowl so far since that time. The Pittsburgh Steelers have had just the three head coaches in 48 years.

Steelers' contract issues

While Mike Tomlin has gotten his contract extension and the Pittsburgh Steelers also gave Antonio Brown a big five-year, $73 million contract extension, they still don't have Le'Veon Bell in camp.

With Brown signed to a new deal, the Steelers chose to place the franchise tag on Bell but he has not signed the offer yet.

Le'Veon Bell, a player that both Hall of Fame superstars Eric Dickerson and Terrell Davis called the best in the NFL, congratulated Mike Tomlin on his Twitter page. With that said, Bell wants a new contract as well rather than just play under a one-year, $12.12 million contract.