Alshon Jeffery was considered a can’t miss star with the Chicago Bears. When the Bears chose to cut ties with Brandon Marshall, most fans expected Jeffery to step into the role as the team’s No. 1 receiver and become a top tier receiver. However, injuries and a drop-in production by quarterback Jay Cutler ended up wasting some of the best years of Jeffery’s career. Now, Jeffery has escaped Chicago and is playing for the Philadelphia Eagles and second-year quarterback Carson Wentz. With that said, the injury concerns have followed him to Philadelphia.

Jeffery’s injury

This time, the Alshon Jeffery injury is to his shoulder. Jeffery missed multiple practices this week in training camp for the Philadelphia Eagles after he landed poorly on his shoulder in one-on-one drills last weekend. Jeffery practiced after the injury but was help out this week by the team’s trainers. According to head coach Doug Pederson, it was more of giving a veteran a rest during training camp, but the injuries to Jeffery is still a reason for concern.

According to, Pederson does not seem too concerned about the shoulder injury to Alshon Jeffery. He held the receiver out of practice again on Friday morning and is now saying that it is a “precaution” instead of a veteran’s day off.

Pederson said that they want to keep Alshon rested and there is a lot of time before he will need to play in a game. Doug said that he is comfortable with what he has seen and there is no reason to push Jeffery back out there unless he is 100-percent.

Eagles’ receivers in 2017

Last season, Carson Wentz had a pretty good rookie campaign but his top target was the inconsistent Jordan Matthews.

This season, the depth chart has Alshon Jeffery at the top of the list with another newcomer in Torrey Smith slotted in as the No. 2 receiver. Jeffery is the big target and Smith is the speedy target. Jordan Matthews is still there as is Nelson Agholor. This is a receiving corps that is night and day better than they were last season.

The important thing is to ensure that Alshon Jeffery is healthy and that Torrey Smith is still capable of putting up the numbers he did when he was younger. When it comes to Jeffery, his change of scenery might be exactly what both he and the Philadelphia Eagles need. In the last two seasons that Jeffery was healthy, he had back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons in 2013-14, with 17 touchdowns spread over the two years. Jordan Matthews best year in Philadelphia was an 85 reception, 997-yard season with eight touchdowns.