Millions is child play. After the events that led to the Brazilian soccer star's transfer from Barcelona to PSG, it’s more than clear: money is not an issue when gambling for the best. Details on the transfer of one of Brazil's most sought-after players, Neymar Junior, are as follows:

The transfer

Last week the Brazilian player from Barcelona, Neymar Junior, finished the process of his transition to the French club PSG. Apparently, even though Nasser al-Khelaifi’s team had tried hard to persuade him a year ago, Neymar’s response was to stay in Barcelona (although he was not the solo star of the show) with many others by his side.

Thus, it would be natural to assume Paris Saint-Germain had its eyes on other players like Kylian Mbappé, Alexis Sánchez, Philippe Coutinho, or Sergio Agüero but it seems bets were wrong. It only took a phone call for the agreement to become real. With the help from his friend, Daniel Alves, also a former Barcelona player, communication had been facilitated, accelerating the process.

The negotiations

Although the rumors existed, it was only in August when the negotiations became official and the biggest fee in history was paid -- €222 million -- so the player could be released from his previous employers to sign a five-year contract with PSG. Neymar has continuously denied that money was the real motivation for accepting the offer.

In an interview with the Guardian, he said that he is looking for a place where he can be a commander, to lead, and explore his full potential.

In spite of the rush to conclude the legal protocol, the French fans missed the full participation of the star in the season opener, in which Neymar only played a decorative role for a sold-out stadium.

He was greatly applauded while fireworks exploded announcing the big entrance. Finally, he will hopefully reach the potential and leadership he’s seeking and present something more than football to the people. There will be smiles, tears, cheering, and so much emotion. Quoting the Brazilian himself from The Guardian, "Paris est magique," which translates to "Paris is magic."

The future

With this staggering fee, people cannot help but be hopeful for Neymar's future.

We are sure to expect an even more thrilling and engaging clash of wills and talents. No matter what other critics say about money being the main pull in Neymar's decision, one thing is for sure, Neymar will make history again the same way he just did.