New York Giants fans must have been cringing hard on Monday night. All seemed to be good after the first quarter (outside of the usual lackluster play that defines the preseason). Then, in just a split second, everything changed. Star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. went up and made a great catch. But as he was coming down, Briean Boddy-Calhoun barreled into his leg, eliciting a major reaction from the wide receiver.

Beckham's injury

As soon as he was hit, the Giants knew something was wrong. The hit was incredibly awkward looking; Beckham quickly rose to his feet, but chucked his helmet and stared towards the line of scrimmage, perhaps trying to express his anger about the hit, which he viewed as dirty.

He immediately left the field, striking fear into the hearts of fans. Then, something even more concerning happened, as Beckham crumbled to the ground on the concourse, with nobody there immediately to help him up.

The initial panic was overblown, however. X-rays on his leg were negative, and while he couldn't return to the game, he did return to the sideline in a hoodie. He even jogged off the field when all was said and done. It's currently being called a sprained ankle. Beckham will undergo another set of tests when the team returns to New York, but in all likelihood, he's going to be okay for the start of the regular season.

Beckham plays with fire all day

The injury to his ankle could've affected his career - worst case scenario - but earlier in the day, Beckham engaged in an activity that could've affected his life.

As the solar eclipse neared its peak in the sky, he and punter Brad Wing decided to take a look. Despite warnings across the internet, Beckham decided to do so without a pair of special glasses, which could've caused partial blindness. The Giants definitely would not have been happy about that.

In that way, Beckham was like millions of Americans.

Even the president stared at the sun without protective lenses. But Giants fans arguably, at least in the moment, don't care about the president - they care about their stud receiver who wants to be the highest paid player in the entire league. For now, it appears like he's going to be okay. Fellow wideouts Brandon Marshall and Tavarres King also suffered injuries on Monday, so any positive updates are good news for the team. It's also positive that Beckham didn't lash out when he spoke to the media, simply saying the play was a result of football on the field.