NBA rumors are starting to pick up once again for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The latest information is saying that the Cavaliers could be targeting Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard if the team decides to trade away superstar point guard Kyrie Irving. Many believed that the deal is fair enough for both parties.

Many basketball fans were shocked and stunned after news about Irving's trade request from the Cleveland Cavaliers came out. Even Cavs superstar and teammate LeBron James was reportedly "blindsided and disappointed" after hearing Kyrie's demand.

Since then, many trade speculations have surrounded the four-time NBA All-Star guard, and it is not surprising that numerous teams are chasing him.

Irving's potential destination

Six teams were mentioned as potential landing spot for Kyrie Irving namely the San Antonio Spurs, New York Knicks, Minnesota Timberwolves, Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat, and Phoenix Suns. Out of those teams, Irving allegedly named the Spurs as his preferred destination because of its rich winning tradition with great basketball culture.

But just recently, the Cavaliers reportedly engage in trade talks with the Phoenix Suns asking for Devin Booker and Josh Jackson for Irving. However, the Suns refuse to trade both players and instead offers a trade package including guard Eric Bledsoe, forward/center Dragan Bender and their protected 2018 first-round draft pick (Miami).

Yet there is no significant progress on said deal up until now. However, recent gossips are spreading that there is an ideal trade agreement than the Suns and other teams have been proposing. And it involves a high-caliber point guard from the West.

Damian Lillard for Kyrie Irving?

According to Bleacher Report, five names came out as possible targets for the Cavaliers while they are still pondering to trade Kyrie Irving.

One of those is Portland Trail Blazer starting point guard Damian Lillard, and it appears that it is a viable trade transaction for both teams. Both players are offensive threats and can create situations for them to score.

Both have been selected as an All-Star several times and have been in the playoffs for the past three years.

And comparing Kyrie and Damian's individual skill set, both seem to emulate each other. There are also reports that Irving is allegedly jealous on Lillard's current spot being the focal point of the Trail Blazers team which he wanted.

Surprisingly, Lillard fell the same way. According to Sports Illustrated interview to Lillard, he was envious of Irving's position in Cleveland that has been in NBA Finals every year and playing alongside LeBron James. With that, it won't be surprising if the Trail Blazers will join in the mix of teams that will be pursuing Kyrie if they decided to trade for him.