Many NBA fans believe that LeBron James is the best player in the game today. While that might be true, Michael Jordan considers a recently retired player to be still better than LeBron. He said in a recent interview that he thinks Kobe Bryant is still better than the Cleveland Cavaliers star.

The comments of Jordan came four years after he first said that Bryant still beats James because Bryant had five championship rings while James had just one during that time. Jordan was at his Flight School in Santa Barbara, California to talk to the campers and one camper asked if he thinks James is now better than Bryant “in terms of best of all time” and Jordan answered no.

Jordan continued to say that there is something about “five that beats three” pertaining to Bryant winning five championships while James only won three. He even said that James has made it to the finals seven times. Bryant won five rings while with the Los Angeles Lakers. He retired after the 2015-2016 NBA season, ESPN reported.

Bryant and James compared

According to Washington Post, during the 20-year career of Bryant, he had one MVP award and two Finals MVP awards. James, on the other hand, has four MVP awards and three Finals MVP awards. For the entirety of the career of these two players, Bryant made an average of 25.0 points per game while James made 27.1 points per game. James also did better in terms of assists, blocks, rebounds, and turnovers, among others.

Jordan, on the other hand, won six championships throughout his career. He has been hailed as the greatest player in the NBA history.

Many NBA fans also continue to compare James and Jordan. James admitted before that he is chasing the ghost of Jordan but pointed out that they have very different skills in playing basketball.

Jordan also talks about Kevin Durant

According to Clutch Points, Jordan also talked about Kevin Durant’s transfer to the Golden State Warriors during his talk at his Flight School. Durant went to GSW to play for the 2016-2017 NBA season and also signed another contract with the team at a very cheap deal.

Many criticized Durant for making such move but Jordan said he has no problem with the player’s decision.

He pointed out that he supports free agents and their power to choose which team they want to play for. However, Jordan did say that he probably would not have done what Durant did but that is his own right. Jordan concluded his statement saying that he would have done it differently but he is not mad at Durant.

Durant’s move came after Oklahoma City Thunders were eliminated in the playoffs.