The Houston Rockets offseason could have been even better. The Rockets dealt for Chris Paul. They signed James Harden to an extension. They also re-signed Nene, brought in PJ Tucker, and Luc Mbah a Moute. However, the team could have signed Jj Redick, but after sitting in with Alex Kennedy with the HoopsHype Podcast, the reason for signing with the Philadelphia 76ers was revealed.

Years of deal reduced

The Rockets reportedly offered Redick at four-deal, but at the last minute, the Rockets turned the number of years into three. Redick apparently did not like that, so he chose to take a one-year deal worth $23 million with the 76ers.

He apparently talked to Paul 30 minutes before free agency started and wanted to come to Houston. However, he did not want a three-year deal. By signing a deal with the 76ers, Redick was able to cash in on this offseason and has a chance to cash in next offseason. Teams will surely line up to try and sign Redick for his outside shooting services.

They could have been

The Rockets would have unlikely been able to afford Tucker and Redick. Tucker was signed later in the offseason at the most likely result that Redick spurned them. However, trading for Carmelo Anthony has been going on for quite some time. The Rockets could have had a deep shooting team. If Anthony and Redick were in a Rocket uniform, the team likely would have been the best offense in the NBA.

Realistically, if Redick signed with the Rockets, Ryan Anderson would be moved somewhere else.

Redick not a fan of general manager

The same General Manager that made the news for electing to rid the NBA of awards apparently was another reason why Redick did not commit to the Rockets. In his comments, Redick said that you never know how Daryl Morey operates.

He believed that even though he was offered a three-year deal, it could be a six-month deal because he felt that he would maybe be dealt for a potential superstar.

Those comments might be tied to the unknowingness of Anthony coming to the Rockets are not. If Redick signed with the Rockets for a decent price, he would surely be a potential trade chip.

Redick apparently caught wind of that. When you combine the possibilities and how much money he could make next season, Redick might have made a good choice even though he is not going to win a championship with the 76ers this season. No one is going to question Redick's smarts though. He did go to Duke University after all.