NFL teams invite a lot of players to their yearly training camps. There are the veterans who are returning to work on the next season, fringe players with NFL experience who are fighting for a roster spot, drafted rookies who are learning the ropes, and then there are players with no chance of making the team but are there to fill in with their bodies and the dream to impress someone. Green Bay Packers head coach Mike Mccarthy doesn't look at any of these groups as lesser players and has a respect for them all.

All players in NFL training camps deserve to be there

ESPN spoke to Mike McCarthy about all the players in the Green Bay Packers Training Camp. The Packers head coach, who never played in the NFL and never even made it to training camp as a player, respects everyone who made it into his team's training camp - from the veterans to the rookies to the players just trying to make their dreams come true.

"They're all good players. Every single one of them," McCarthy said. "You're not part of a 90-man roster being a guy. It's ignorant, it’s the wrong way to look at it. Some players are better than others."

As a result, Mike McCarthy broke all the players in the Green Bay Packers training camp into three categories.

There are the great players, the good players who have great moments, and the good players. As you can see, everyone on the Packers' 90-man roster is a good player or better in the mind of their head coach.

Players in the Packers training camp

This comment from Mike McCarthy came when the Green Bay Packers head coach was asked about being surprised when a player unexpectedly jumps out and makes the team despite only having an outside chance at the start of training camp.

Quarterbacks like Brett Hundley, Joe Callahan, and Taysom Hill were mentioned in this question.

"Every one of these quarterbacks who are in here ... can play in the NFL," McCarthy continued. "If they couldn't, the responsibility of our personnel department would be to bring someone else in here that we can develop to get to that point."

Not every player can be Aaron Rodgers and none of those three quarterbacks have a chance to beat him out for the position as the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers.

However, as teams in the past like the New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys understand well, a backup quarterback is important in case of emergency. Mike McCarthy basically said that no quarterback will come into training camp for the Packers unless they thought he could possibly improve their team.